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The sign of the Snake

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The traits of the sign of the Snake in Chinese astrology:

Western countries have portrayed the snake in a negative way, whereas in the East, this creature is very much revered. Those born under this sign generally have a good sense of humour. They are physically attractive and love to be popular with others. They are great charmers who cannot bear it, if people are able to resist them.

The sign's dominant force is Yin. Those born under this sign are mysterious and difficult to pinpoint. They are mostly inward-looking and do not bare their souls to other people. Very often it is difficult to tell what they are thinking. In any case, the Snake does not seek communication with others. He is very observant. He assimilates and understands human emotions, but does not seek to communicate his opinion, keeping his secret premises well guarded.

Being of an anxious nature, The Snake is often solitary. He will prefer to spend evenings at home in the warmth to going out wasting time on worldly pursuits. He is a stay-at-home. He is interested in many things, his natural curiosity leading him to ask himself many questions and try to find some answers. The Snake is a great philosopher.

Horoscopes of the Snake

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Sign Profile of the Snake

Lucky numbers : 1, 2, 4, 6, 13, 24, 42 et 46
Compatible signs : Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, Rooster
Incompatible signs : Pig, Monkey, Tiger, Snake
Lunar Years :1893, 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037, 2049,2061, 2073, 2085, 2097

Love of the Snake

The Snake fascinates and bewitches his or her companion. When he is loved, he is also admired. This enigmatic side to his personality is naturally attractive. And he knows it! Once he has fallen in love, the Snake is a faithful companion, but on the other hand he is possessive. His jealous side can go down badly and he finds it difficult to accept that he cannot be the only one and truly. The Snake does not trust others easily. He is wary and too often afraid of losing the one he loves.
He is a person who has a wealth of attributes intellectually. With his originality and liveliness, he opens up new horizons to others. He likes to have a small but loyal circle of friends. He will have generous and equitable relations with them.

Strengths of the Snake

He is patient and in control. You will rarely see him get angry and he keeps his cool, even in the most awkward situations. Being able to control his emotions is his main strength and commands admiration from others. He will know how to earn respect and in the face of conflict, will instil calm.

This is a sign that acts on instinct and does what feels right. Therefore, when facing an obstacle, he will dive in there and do everything to win. Any sufferings will be kept quiet, deep down inside him. He will stoically be able to endure life's trials and tribulations in silence, without complaint. He has a very high pain threshold.

Weaknesses of the Snake

His major weakness is not being able to say “no”. This could be considered a weakness but in fact it is not the case. The Snake does not like to cause pain. He is a good listener and will do what is expected of him, even if he is reluctant to do so.

The Snake will be too inclined to indulge those around him and will without a second's thought shower gifts on those he loves. And he will quite frequently find it difficult to refuse his children anything. A little more firmness would not go amiss, however.

Work of the Snake

The Snake is insatiable and loves learning. At work, he will be very curious and constantly need to address new challenges. Being intellectuals, Snakes need to understand. Whatever their line of work, they will need to understand how things work. In their eagerness for knowledge, they need to get their brain working.

Generally speaking, the Snake prefers working alone to working in a team. He is serious-minded and will only hand over the results of his work, once he is sure of having done it well. He can be calculating and knows the best way to climb the echelons of an organisation. He will easily find the friendships that will help him advance, intellectually and materially.

His colleagues can have a few problems with him, as his cold and mysterious side do not make him very accessible, but he will always inspire respect. This apparent indifference helps him avoid a good number of conflicts. When at a distance from group associated problems, the Snake is able to move forward by himself while contributing much to others. He is an excellent tactician.

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