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Written by Alison

Find out all about how each sign can get back on a diet and start doing the physical activities that suit them the best. Before jumping into a super restrictive, drastic diet, trust and listen to your body, to its wants and needs, depending on your personal character traits.

Getting thin without a diet is possible as long as you start off by getting to know yourself better and making peace with yourself. So, if you wish to shed those few extra pounds, don't worry! We planned a few tips to pass your way for each sign so that you can be healthy and beatiful all summer long!


Dieting: Naturally impatient, an Aries diet needs to be quick and efficient and not take a long time. Aries doesn't lack willpower - they just have a lot of trouble restricting themselves to a diet, so, fight their tendency to overeat and to eat too rich or too much junk food, Aries will have to learn discipline. To do so, they will have to cut down their calorie intake, eat healthy, and on a fixed schedule, and take the time to pause and savor their food - all without skimping on portions, preferring vegetables so that they don't feel hungry later.
Exercise: To keep them balanced and maintain their well-being, Aries must exert themselves in open-air sports if possible. To decompress, blow off steam, channel their energy, and manage stress, it is recommended that they regularly engage in physical activity. They have a competitive spirit, and the soul of a conqueror, and appreciate team sports that gets their adrenaline pumping and offers them the opportunity to outdo themselves. Aries has a need for speed and so can find happiness surfing, horse riding, jogging, playing squash, or practicing any type of martial art with pleasure.


Dieting: Taurus will wait until they can't even see themselves in a mirror anymore before they finally take action. They prefer, of course, to go on a diet of gourmet food, so, unfortunately, they'll have to really make an effort to lose weight. To do so, it is recommended that they eat lighter and avoid sugar and snacking between meals as much as possible. They will have to adopt a healthier lifestyle, though while remaining a real lover of life, a bon vivant, for all that, and getting on the right track towards striking a balance in their life.
Exercse: Taurus is one of those who prefer to laze on the hot sand of the beach rather than spending their leisure time exhausting and wearing themselves out. But, though they may not be a real fan of exercise, it is strongly recommended that they regularly engage in physical activity to get rid of that spare tire. They don't like competition, violence, or speed, yet can regain their well-being by partaking in calming activities such as walking, yoga, hiking, or golf.


Dieting: Gemini hates restrictions, and their appetite fluctuates according to their moods and the current situation, which, frankly, isn't the best thing when it comes to going on a diet. Yet, if they want to get thin, Gemini would do best to rethink their eating habits. First off, they will have to learn to discipline themselves, to make real meals and eat at regular intervals. Obviously, if they wish to get their dream body before slipping into their summer clothes, they'll have to skip the snacks and instead opt for a mixed greens salad instead of slapping together a chicken salad sandwich and scarfing it down.
Exercise: The individualist that they are, Gemini is more drawn to activites that focus on effort rather than those that are all about having "team spirit". Their agility and love for sports that require skill and dexterity gives them a predisposition for tennis, badminton, dancing, figure skating, or to any sport that requires strong motivation, such as jogging and walking. They'll have to follow this plan to the letter if want to keep their low weight and be able to focus their incredible energy.


Dieting: There's no point in Cancer starting a diet as long as their moods continue to shoot up and down. And yet, they can limit the damage if they can learn to manage their emotions and learn to tell the difference between the feeling of hunger and the feeling of lacking something. To do so, Cancer will have to rethink their current diet and relearn to eat without overeating, to control their sugar intake. In fact, the best diet for a Cancer is falling in love. If they do, their appetite will shrink, and weight will melt away like an ice cube in the hot sun!
Exercise: Rather the lethargic type, Cancer isn't the most physically fit, and, psychologically, are prone to mood swings. To feel comfortable in their own skin, they'll have to force themselves to exercise, even if it isn't exactly their cup of tea. Drawn as they are to water, Cancer could slim down their figure by engaging in aquatic sports such as swimming, surfing, paddle boating, canoeing/kayaking, or scuba diving - or even so-called "calm" sports, such as golf or walking.


Dieting: The best way to start a diet for Leo is to do it gently, so that they don't feel frustrated. If they deny themselves too much too quickly for the sake of their well-being, they can turn into a grumpy old lion. First off, they will have to avoid all sorts of saucy dishes, sugars of any kind, and skip the desserts and alcohol. Unable to put up with restrictions, it will be hard for them to stay the course for very long. But, the importance they place on their image will quickly remind them that if they want to be the star this summer, they'll have to keep themselves in check!
Exercise: Leo has no problem getting involved in sports. Though they are a lover of naps or lazing about in the sunshine, Leo is still a competitive person deep-down, and so loves any sort of discipline where they can get noticed and stand out. And so, the sports that might suit them the best are team sports, running, endurance races, wrestling, tennis, or gymnastics. Any sport that requires a lot of patience, such as yoga, tai chi, ice-skating, or synchronized swimming will also be beneficial.


Dieting: A real pro at slimming down, Virgo will follow their own diet to get the needle on the scale in the right direction. To do this, they will stop their snacking, set fixed hours to eat, and won't hesitate to come up with dietician-style recipes to balance out their meals. To please their taste buds, they'll cook up hearty vegetable dishes to stave off the munchies, taking the chance to share their slimming tips with their friends and family.
Exercise: To defeat their anxiety and stay in shape, Virgo will have to regularly engage in physical activity. Though more drawn to intellectual disciplines, Virgo will still appreciate activities that require precision, such as archery or golf, but also anything related to open-air sports such as hiking, climbing, horse-back riding, or ping-poing. That is, unless they choose instead to free their body and mind and sign up for a yoga or Qigong class. In any case, Virgo will be the first one able to slip into a slimming outfit without having a complex about it.


Dieting: As Libra doesn't have a huge appetite anyway, a diet shouldn't take too much effort or cause any frustration. It's better to strike the right dietary balance that will meet their expectations withouting making them feel torn between desire and guilt. To do so, Libra will prefer, by far, to keep eating as they have been. They know themselves well enough to be able to come up with their own course of action instead of going on an accepted and recognized diet. Libra will think light: steamed veggies or fish, for example, and will cut out sweets for a while. In this way, they'll be able to slip into their swimsuit in no time flat!
Exercise: Not really one for sports, the only thing that can force Libra to start exercising is the motivation to lose a few pounds. And so, they won't refuse to sign up for an activity, that is as long as it is a nice and pleasant one. Their choices will come down to dancing, synchronized swimming, figure skating, walking, rock climbing, or even yoga or tai chi.


Dieting: Scorpio will have to totally rethink the way they look at food. But, before correcting their behavior in this subject, and dropping a few pounds by summer, they'll have to learn how to manage their emotions. Next, they will have to do their utmost to eat at regular hours, avoid any and all excess, and understand that fatty and sugary foods are harmful in big quantities. To live a healthy lifestyle, Scorpio will absolutely have to accept that it is better to eat well than to starve!
Exercise: Scorpio won't refuse to take up exercise - on the contrary, they love it. So, instead of following a strict diet down to the letter, they can rely on physical activity to get rid of those extra pounds. Possessing an above-average constitution, Scorpio, tough, tenacious, and focused, will excel in competitive sports in general, or in those that mix strength and violence, such as boxing, judo, karate, or squash... Scorpio can also throw themselves wholeheartedly into running, track, deep-sea diving, swimming, or weight-lifting.


Dieting: To lose a few pounds before summer, Sagittarius will have to stop being such a foodie, momentarily exclude all sweets from their diet, and opt instead for a reasonable diet by controling their intake of fat. They will have to give up saucy dishes and go instead for steam cooking or grilling and cutting back on late night meals. At first, this won't be the funnest thing in the world, but once they set up healthy habits, Sagittarius will come to like it and even come up with lighter recipes, while still receiving company convivially and without frustration.
Exercise: Always on the move and very tough, Sagittarius will take pleasure in blowing off some steam through physical activity to get back in shape. Skilled both in individual as in team sports, Sagittarius can excel in many different activities, such as basketball, volleyball, equestrian sports, football, track, high jump, or rhythmic gymnastics... In fact, there's hardly a sport they're not good at, so strong their need to exert themselves is! This is their greatest asset for slimming down. By regularly practicing one or more activities, they wil be able to melt away those last few pounds stay balanced!


Dieting: If Capricorn wants to resolve his weight issues before summer, they will, without a doubt, do their best to take decisive action without holding back. They will know how, marvelously and with great patience, to discipline themselves to see their well-balanced diet through to the end by eating light and adding some variety to their pleasures. The determined type, they will have no trouble reaching their goal, even if it means they will have to go through a period of self-denial. Their consistency, matched with their perseverance, will turn out to be a considerable asset in losing their curves - and before summer, too!
Exercise: Exercise isn't Capricorn's best friend. Between tanning, reading, swimming or running a marathon, their choice will be quickly made. Nevertheless, if obligated to exercise, Capricorn will be comfortable with any activity that involves patience, rigor, and concentration. And so, Capricorn will feel at ease on a golf course, yoga mat or in a gymnastics course. Once they've accepted this challenge, Capricorn will only be too pleased and feel fulfilled.


Dieting: There is no magical formula. When Aquarius decides to take things in their own hands to be able to fit into their swimsuit before summer, they will be tempted to come up with special meals to satisfy their taste buds. But, for once, they won't have to leave the beaten path - just have common sense. Goodbye snacking at any hour! The best thing to do would be to discipline themselves to eat at regular hours, change up their meals, and be ready and willing to cook up savory, low-calorie meals.
Exercise: Aquarius isn't impassioned by exercise in general. Still, if circumstances require them to engage in an activity, they'll enjoy anything open-air: pole vaulting, parachuting, rock climbing, hang-gliding, but also dance. As they love to try out anything new, it could turn out that, over time, they might end up enjoying it. This is one of the best things that could happen to them since, the busier they are, the less they think about food.


Dieting: Pisces is between two ponds. As such, they could balloon up in front of your very eyes or quite simply shed a few pounds, claiming either way that they didn't even mean to! So, when they do get ahold of themselves, Pisces will feel totally disoriented at the thought of starting up a diet. As they are hardly consistent when it comes to their endeavors, it would be best for Pisces to be supported and accompanied throughout this process. The diet shouldn't be a drastic one, however, but will require a few little changes in your behavior. Thus, it is highly recommended that Pisces restrict themselves to four meals a day, cutting out snacks and seconds at dinner. Above al, they will have to keep their emotions under control.
Exercise: Not too fond of physical activity, and more the type to be drawn to meditation, if Pisces is absolutely forced to choose a sport, they are likely to find happiness in aquatic activities. They will be quite at ease on a boat or surfboard or in a canoe. Summer will be the ideal period for enjoying the sea and doing a few laps. Pisces can also find pleasure in areas that have to do with lightness and liveliness, such as rollersakting, dancing, or gymnastics.

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