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The sign of the Rabbit

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The traits of the Rabbit sign in Chinese astrology:

The Rabbit is the fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac. He charms others with his calm approach and good humour. Being a pacifist by nature, he will avoid all forms of conflict. He hates fighting. The dominant force of this sign is Yin.

The sign of the Rabbit (or Cat) earns considerable respect from others. He has the knack of getting out of the most awkward situations by being scrupulously fair. Those born under this sign enjoy life to the full and will try to avoid problems. In China, the sign of the Cat is represented by a Rabbit and they have the same symbolic value. Even if he is not aristocratic, the Rabbit has a lordly bearing. His presence will make him seem impressive.

Those born under this sign will like their home comforts. They are real stay-at-homes, preferring life cocooned in a safe environment. The Rabbit's kindness is very much appreciated by friends and colleagues. If arguments break out among a group of people, he will soon manage to ease tensions. If he grows up in a peaceful, comfortable environment, a person born under the sign of the Rabbit will be completely content.

Horoscopes of the Rabbit

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Sign Profile of the Rabbit

Lucky numbers : 1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 19 et 35
Compatible Signs : Tiger, Dragon, Monkey
Incompatible Signs : Rat, Horse
Lunar Years : 1891, 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035, 2047, 2059, 2071, 2083,2095

Love of the Rabbit

In love, the Rabbit is a faithful companion. He is refined and a good listener, adept at making his or her partner happy. He will make sure he is attentive to his loved-one and likes planning surprises. When in love, his joy is evident and filters down to all those around him. His grace provides a shining example.

In arguments, he will avoid conflict. Rather than getting stuck in, he will quickly skirt round problems, or let his or her partner talk away until the crisis has calmed down of its own volition. Fighting does not come naturally to him.

He will be a wonderful parent to his children, but will avoid overdoing his involvement in household tasks. Daily routine bores him. He prefers human interaction, and enjoying exceptional moments with his children is one of his priorities. Those born under the sign of the Rabbit often have lots of friends, which is to be expected, given their sincere and sensitive nature. These two qualities go down well with friends, who feel able to confide in him.

Strengths of the Rabbit

Those born under the sign of the Rabbit are loyal friends and place much importance on friendship. They can even prefer friends to family and prefer to select their relationships. They refuse to be imposed upon and their friends are always carefully chosen. When they get on well with someone, they form lasting friendships. If asked for a favour, they will always be willing.

With their love of friendship, those born under the sign of the Rabbit love entertaining. Their weekends are often full and large numbers of friends file through the house. Always on the outlook for company, they feel spiritually fulfilled when with others. They are not the kind of friends to be criticise others behind their backs and will not pay attention to rumours.

Weaknesses of the Rabbit

The Rabbit cannot bear living in an uncomfortable environment and will seek out well-being before anything else. If things turn out badly for him, he will find it easy to play the victim. The Rabbit is the kind of person who will complain about his bad luck and moan loudly to others about his poor lot in life. This aspect of his personality can soon be very trying for those around him. When the lamentations are at their loudest, it is best to let him say his piece and not try to argue with him. This would be pointless and he would not reconsider his point of view.

The Rabbit wants to lead a seamless life of luxury. When faced with problems (especially material ones),he does not know how to react and soon loses the plot. He is everlastingly dissatisfied.

Work of the Rabbit

The Rabbit is seen as a reliable colleague at work. He is very effective and will often give sound advice. People appreciate his calm and composed side. He will never try to create divisions, but do what is asked of him seriously and methodically.

This sign does not make a good leader and prefers to remain a salaried employee, finding a secure job that will give him a reasonable level of comfort. Being appreciated by everyone, he will be able to advance up the ladder within an organisation at his own pace.

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