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The sign of the Tiger

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The traits of the Tiger sign in Chinese astrology:

The Tiger is the most enthusiastic sign of the Chinese zodiac. He is optimistic and full of energy, always forging ahead and never allowing himself to be beaten. This is the third sign in Chinese astrology and its dominant force is Yang. The Tiger's strength lies in his desire for change. Venturing down unusual paths has few fears for him and in fact he finds it stimulating. He is not designed for a humdrum existence and needs adventure. He is only happy when involved in action and you will rarely see him in rest pose. This brave creature will have the courage to face all the challenges that life has to offer. Difficult situations enable him to give of his best and develop his combative skills. These can be extreme, especially if involving the defence of the weak in particular. Those born under the sign of the Tiger like to be noticed. They often play the stars of the show and need to feel admired.#txt_off#

Horoscopes of the Tiger

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Sign Profile of the Tiger

Lucky numbers : 4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 34, 44, 45 and 54:
Compatible signs: Pig, Dog, Goat, Horse, Dragon
Incompatible signs : Monkey, Ox, Snake
Lunar years : 1890, 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034, 2046, 2058, 2070, 2082,2094

Love of the Tiger

The Tiger loves passionate love affairs. He will throw himself body and soul into a relationship, if his feelings are intense. On the other hand, he can quickly lose interest and will not hesitate to end a relationship and move on, if he starts to feel bored. A steady relationship is rarely for him, unless he finds that rare pearl that will enflame his senses at every moment. He needs to experience novelty and time goes on. Two days must never be the same and if they were, he would leave the cosy little nest.

Love affairs with a Tiger are stimulating. He is a real charmer and is quick to fall in love. If smitten by love at first sight, he dives straight in there, lives the relationship to the full and then quickly becomes bored if things do not keep moving.

Strengths of the Tiger

The Tiger is a generous creature. He will not hesitate to defend the underdog, and finds stimulation in voluntary work or working for a non-governmental organisation. This is a sign that is not indifferent to others' misfortunes. In fact, devoting himself to helping others makes him feel fulfilled and useful.

When he gets involved in something, the Tiger does it whole-heartedly and gives his all.

Another of his strong points is his honesty. Tigers are straightforward and will play by the rules, their aim being to be as fair as possible towards others. If certain rules are laid down from the outset, he will comply with them. If the laws seem unjust, the Tiger will protest, being a rebel at heart. But this will not stop him taking his work seriously.

Weaknesses of the Tiger

The Tiger has an excessively large ego and his pride can come back to bite him or make him disliked by others. His personal magnetism is attractive to many people and this lends force to his pride. He is an exhibitionist and the bigger the audience, the more he will feel the centre of the world. Yet, this can all make him unhappy quite easily: one hard knock and his friends vanish. When on his own, the tiger feels bereft. He needs a reliable circle of friends to keep going.

If given advice, he treats people with disdain, believing that he knows everything about everything, and this sometimes comes as an unpleasant surprise. But people learn from mistakes.

The Tiger likes to be the leader and will not appreciate others taking the lead. He is an anarchist deep down and very often refuses to accept restrictions, if they prevent him from doing what he wants. Just as he treats just laws with respect, he will not hesitate to raise his voice against laws that are unjust.

Work of the Tiger

At work, the Tiger is always motivated and full of good will. His good sense of humour will filter down to others, if he feels it will aid his personal advancement. He is a positive element within a group, naturally inspiring people and galvanising them into action. As a colleague, he will contribute new ideas with ease in his liking for novelty. With him, projects move forward, evolve and always have a successful outcome.

The Tiger is not lacking in ideas. His only problem is refusing to accept limits. There can be tensions in the structure of an organisation, if he is not given a certain amount of freedom. He has a horror of feeling his hands are tied. The Tiger can adapt to all kinds of professions, mainly those where he will feel he has freedom. He will also clearly make a very good team leader.

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