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Qualities of Aquarius

Written by Mary

An Aquarius person is a peculiar one. Nonconformists, gifted with an inborn sense of communication and solidarity, these people fight for their ideas and trace their own tracks far from the beaten paths. Courteous and loyal, this is a reassuring shoulder whom you willingly confess your secrets and little concerns without fear of them being given away.

What are their best qualities? The Aquarius are loved for their innovation talents, humanism, originality and self-sustainment.

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Love Qualities of Aquarius

The Aquarius sign is honest, independent, free, modern and loyal.
In love, their independence and humanism both friendly and freeing endow them with very personal charm. Their innovator talents, their inventive, modern and independent mind open them the doors of loyal affections and of palpitating projects, far from any monotony.

Single: They are independent lovers who never tend to lock anyone up but can't stand being put in irons either. They rather easily confuse love and friendship, sometimes they cultivate amorous amity.

In couple: They are quirky and rather rational partners who never follow the crowd and reveal to be very inventive at getting out of any constraint. However they possess a deep sense of service and solidarity.

Friendship Qualities of Aquarius

The Aquarius are friendly, fair, laidback and ingenious
Aquarius adore remaking the world in a friendly company and setting out to discovering new horizons as soon as an occasion emerges.

Long-standing friendship: As friends these people are fanciful, often very queer or at least eccentric, much more gifted for long-term friendships than for great love which constrains them by too many responsibilitiesÂ…

Party: Aquarius stand out due to their original attitude that bewilders their company. Whether you like it or not, but with these people you won't be annoyed and this already means a lot. They use the absurd side of a celebration for having fun and amusing those who will understand their sense of humor.

Family Qualities of Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is obliging, helpful and self-sufficient
Aquarius are stable and wayward with their close ones at the same time. They reveal to be open-minded with their children, friends, family and their second half.

Aquarius are often admired as parents since they continue astonishing in daily life. They manage to inculcate their children the virtues of altruism and brotherhood.

Children Aquarius are naturally amiable, hardly ever timid, they love humanistic ambiences and can reveal creative talents (in theatre especially) or scientific faculties, they are often well at ease with new technologies.

Financial Qualities of Aquarius

The Aquarius sign is honest, cultivated and ingenious
Money mostly serves Aquarius for strengthening their self-sufficiency and independence, both affective and social or professional. In some degree, they buy their freedomÂ…

How they manage money: They are whimsical in their investments but dexterous enough to tell good deals from poor plans and capable of sacrificing a lot for achieving their goals.

How they spend money:
They are attracted by new technologies and gadgets and sometimes spend a lot for education and cultural leisure.

Vacation Qualities of Aquarius

The Aquarius sign is eccentric, curious, tolerant and forthcoming
Aquarius possess an art of attracting attention, whether by their behaviour or their dressing styles, often eccentric and sometimes provocative. Their individualistic temper does not predispose them to team games but rather to solitary instructive exploration.

In summer: They are not always attentive to precautions to be taken, be it in a car or in diving; they had better learn to manage the unpredictable events and show a bit more common sense.

In winter: In winter Aquarius are keen adepts of fireplace get-togethers but their comradely spirit will prompt them to accompany their close ones for a stroll or a toboggan ride.
Come with them, you've never had such an unexpected vacation before!

Memo of the Aquarius' qualities: free, humanistic, intelligent, original

Aquarius don't fear any change-over as long as it is to their liking. When it is not convenient, they can show resistance and reluctance. There are however such circumstances in life when they have to accept their fate.
A little + : This is an unpredictable sign with whom you are never bored. Friendly and brotherly, they are loyal and faithful friends.

Home Qualities of Aquarius

Aquarius are erudite, inventive, avant-gardistic and strong-willed
Aquarius will always arrange, whatever means they possess, to live in an original and very personal home. Whether it is about decor, cuisine or their family's rhythm, there is at least one eccentric element in their way of life.

In duet: Aquarius don't seek fusion but everyone's free expression and a genre mix. They are more intelligent than sensual in love.

In family: These are partners quite willing to be masters at home and their attitudes to their family are sometimes a bit tyrannical.

When they get up: Aquarius start their day in full swing when they have got something to do but they can sleep till noon if nothing claims their presence.

In the evening: Their too rational temper can lead to sleeping problems but some good reading should help them take their mind off things.

Work Qualities of Aquarius

The Aquarius sign is independent, inventive, sociable and inspired
An Aquarius person is a huge advantage in a dynamic, futuristic or innovative environment and a burden in administration. They only act at their own will, however they do well. They can make a great career in everything that has to do with collective interests, new technologies or in independent activities.
The Aquarius sign:

As colleagues they are full of resources if you take the trouble to listen to them but they require being allowed a minimum freedom of expression and having confidence in their working methods, sometimes eccentric.

As bosses they are very humane without being affectionate, tolerant as to concepts but intractable as to methods, bizarre at times, which they impose to their subordinates.

If independent, they are always out for the new. They enamel their days with discoveries and lessons sometimes admonitive to their employees. Despite being stubborn they are capable of delegating and creating a very humanistic atmosphere in the framework of their activities.

Fitness Qualities of Aquarius

The Aquarius sign is restless, rational, original and undisciplined
Aquarius are not great sportspeople but their metabolism accommodates rather well to quite a sedentary lifestyle. Nevertheless they are in need of physical exercise for eliminating nervous tension.

In sport: Aquarius are not passionate about sports but if obliged by the circumstances to practice a discipline, they will appreciate air-related activities like pole jumping or parachute jumping, climbing, hang gliding, but also skiing or dancing.

Nutrition: When AquariusAquarius decide to take matters in their own hands they are tempted to invent special menus in order to satisfy their taste buds. But just this time they should not go off the beaten paths but simply show good sense, bring themselves to discipline, and eat at regular hours.

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