Detect wealth in a natal chart?

Written by Mary

And if we could see the potential of fortune in a horoscope? That's good, there's a fictional point called the share of fortune! It is what proponents of karmic astrology call the karmic reward. But that's not all. For all those who are not particularly convinced by the idea of the cycle of rebirth, classical astrology also gives tools to detect our potential in relation to money. Whether to win it or to receive it, by the way!

House 2 and the Assets

First of all, we need to look at the house that is associated with this area, the 2. It tells us how we will behave, in order to earn money. Is it a priority in our life? Will we know how to attract opportunities for our work and our efforts? To have a cluster of planets in house 2 means it will be, in all the cases, a matter which counts. With easy planets, like Jupiter or Venus, tradition sees favorable signs. It is thus not very difficult to be offered great rewards. Luck and the scope are part of the program ... at least, as is always the case in astrology, if other aspects do not come to upset the unfolding. For example, if Saturn or Mars forms a confrontational aspect compared to an easy planet in 2 (like those mentioned above),then the person will have to face a challenge: Mars comes, for example, to announce a coup or conflicts that can hurt the slightly lax side of Venus. Saturn will come to make situations more rigid, bringing his exigency and severity to the temptation of ease.

Another case: Mars or Uranus are in sector 2. In the first case, questions of money need to be taken into account. The person will be able to grow their situation, but only by their own efforts. With Uranus, we will be dealing with someone who will experience ups and downs in this area. With the moon too, but in a less sudden way. The Moon announces fluctuations (not ruptures) according to moods or context: one day the money flows, for example through a customer, another day, it comes from the native.

House 8 and Legacies

In terms of wealth, another house is just as important: the 8. It does not refer to the money acquired but to legacies, legacies, actions or luck in the game. We see that this also counts. What's more, planets in this area announce a sense of strategy (good or bad) in money, because that's the way we manage capital in our lifetime. Here again, the signs involved or the planets that are there bring their own touch. House 8 in Aries announces risk taking in investments; Gemini pushes money around with a certain flair. With Cancer, capital is to be found within the family, or it is for that, that we invest.

Axis 2-8

This is what astrologers call the axis of possessions. It refers to the movements of money, in the sense that by focusing on this axis, the astrologer can assess what the individual has at the beginning of their life - the 2- and how they will manage their heritage with the 8. In other words, it is also possible to advise the native to use this or that method to improve their situation. For example, with Saturn in 8 or a sign like Capricorn in 8, even without planets, it does not see too much luck with gambling. So, it is better to focus on the Saturnian possibilities of this position: a legacy that allows, for example, to rise through work. And so on...

Other Factors

It can happen, of course, that houses 2 and 8 do not have planets. Then what? That money will never be a big deal for that native? That would be jumping to conclusions too quickly. Such a case may mean that money is not a specific consideration for the native and does not trouble them too much. But wealth can simply be indicated by planetary positions, regardless of the sector in which it is located. The most obvious case is the conjunction of Jupiter with the Sun, or even the Moon. It shows that the person, and regardless of their houses 2 or 8, will live in a certain abundance and may have generous gifts. Again, there is a need to consider all aspects that come into play.

If a beautiful conjunction between Jupiter and the Sun receives a square of Neptune - and this, wherever the planets are, then it is likely that wealth implies disillusion, or a scam in the worst case. The potentials are described: you have to know them but not take everything literally. And in such a case, perhaps it will be necessary to be wary of the beautiful promises and fake good advisers!

The Roll Fortune Plays

Of course, this point on the map of the sky, which we were talking about at the beginning of this article, is quite technical. It is calculated by adding or subtracting (according to a birth of day or night) the longitude of the Ascendant the arc separating the Moon from the Sun. It is not a planetary body but a fictional point both technical and very old, but fortunately still given by all software that delivers a theme. Still we need to know the exact birth time! That said, the share of fortune describes, too, this little heavenly piece which can allow us to attract wealth. In this case, it is not a question of seeing a more or less lucky sign but rather of looking at whether it is not conjoined with a planet already synonymous with grandeur or abundance, like the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and why not, the moon. By association of ideas, the planets in exact aspects with the part of fortune will help or describe the challenge for these questions of wealth.

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