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Chinese element: Metal

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Characteristics of Metal in Chinese Astrology:

Those ruled by this element are determined. They know where they are going. They are inflexible and do not easily change their minds. Their feelings are powerful and their aim is to succeed in life. They rarely feel discouraged and their determination is unshakeable. On the other hand they can sometimes appear individualistic and obdurate. Those chinese sign under this element will not seek contact with others. They will not ask for help and will rely on themselves entirely to achieve success. Metal as an element confers charisma and persuasive powers. Metal rules the lungs and its tendency is acrid.

Metal and the Sign of the Rat :

The Metal-Rat is emotional and finds it very difficult to control his feelings. He can spend his money like there is no tomorrow, the aim being to impress his friends, even if he will regret it later. He gives the impression of being happy, but he is really a worrier by nature. He loves life and is good at making those around him happy. He is highly sensual.

Metal and the Sign of the Ox :

He is self-confident and not at all troubled by doubts. The Metal-Ox has indomitable determination. He has drive Interested in art, he could work in this domain. He likes originality and is not afraid of hard work. He will not count the hours. He overflows with energy.

Metal and the Sign of the Tiger :

Competition acts as a spur for the Metal-Tiger. He needs to compare himself with others to go forward. The challenges are manifold. He likes to get what he wants quickly and for this, he will fight to the last. He is dynamic and acts on his own volition, without taking account of others' aspirations. He is not discreet in victory and expresses himself in clear, candid terms.

Metal and the Sign of the Rabbit :

The Metal-Rabbit is resolute and will not be made to do anything he does not want to do. His strong character gives him the determination to get ahead without taking any notice of rumours. At work, he is capable of taking the initiative and he will rarely be seen in someone else's shadow. He is calm and logical, a reliable colleague. He also likes art and music, and knows how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Metal and the Sign of the Dragon :

Open-minded and sociable, the Metal-Dragon easily makes friends. He is full of energy and stimulates those around him. He has a tendency to want to convince others that he is right, even those who are not interested, and his lack of tact can annoy those who do not know him. Quite often he is forced to operate alone to be able to succeed.

Metal and the Sign of the Snake :

Those born under this sign and this element are very intelligent. They know what is good for them. They are solitary, but like to be surrounded by a very small circle of friends. They are perfectionists and seek power. The Metal-Snake is self-confident and never recoil from difficult situations.

Metal and the Sign of the Horse :

The Metal-Horse is a traveller par excellence and is full of spirit. He is difficult to control, being a free operator ! Nothing nor anyone can stop him ! He is competent when it suits him and likes to feel in charge of his destiny. Optimism is of supreme importance to him and he keeps away from negative types.

Metal and the Sign of the Goat :

He looks for stability in life. The Metal-Goat can adapt to all situations, but always clings to a balanced family life. Family and comfort are very important to his equilibrium. A healthy bank account is an essential linchpin for his equilibrium and is in reality an excellent administrator.

Metal and the Sign of the Monkey :

The Metal-Monkey is independent and self-willed, with a goal of avoiding a life of want. He likes his money to be working for him and is quite good at this. He is capable of saving for a better future. He is appreciated by those close to him for his honesty, even though he can sometimes go too far with his unconventional sens of humour.

Metal and the Sign of the Rooster :

Those born under this sign and ruled by this element love their work. They are curious and motivated. Their language and manners are instantly attractive to others. They are also persuasive. They have a tendency to rationalise everything and this rigid character trait can be a handicap, when dealing with others who are more emotional. The Metal-Rooster will not always find this easy to understand.

Metal and the Sign of the Dog :

It is difficult to get the Metal-Dog to change his mind, if he has decided on something. He will not be easily influenced and will follow his idea through, even if it takes years. The Metal Dog gives a lot to others. He has a methodical temperament and cannot bear untidiness. He is faithful and a loyal companion in love and friendship.

Metal and the Sign of the Pig :

He is passionate and it takes very little to make him go up like a light. This energy spurs him on constantly. He is over-the-top. He is sociable and not at all shy, liking to be noticed and achieving this without effort. He has no problem expressing his anger. He is not a person who hides his feelings. Hardworking and passionate, Metal-Pig will be able to inspire a team.

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