Card no. XVI: The House of God

Written by Mary

The card numbered XVI is no neutral card, following immediately after the Devil's announcement of desire, calm, rupture, and heartbreak. The Tower is the most feared card. It is primarily negative, and symbolises destruction and rupture.

The card's image shows a tower, the top of which is broken. A bird is flying in the sky, while a man is falling into the void. The man is, however, falling on his hands, like an acrobat - could he actually be dancing on his hands, perhaps?

Depending on the surrounding cards, the Tower will be more or less negative. If the other cards confirm it, it can actually signify love at first sight. The consultant is in store for some very strong emotions; everything is going to collapse around them, and this will make them question everything they had believed to be true.

Drawn face up

The Tower card drawn upright symbolises loss and destruction; it means a page has been definitively turned, and there is no way of going back. The consultant will go through a painful time, succumbing to their fate. Caught in this trap, they will have to deal with spite, war and hostility.

Its meanings: failure, illness, chaos.

Drawn upside-down

The Tower card drawn upside-down is a bit less negative. It is interpreted as a warning. The consultant will tread down a dangerous path, and will need to be careful if they don't want to fall. They will need to think before they act. Time is on their side.

Its meanings: obstacles, conflicts, dangers, caution.


This card warns us of a potential danger, and it must be taken very seriously when drawn. The person consulting the cards must be wary of non-constructive relationshipsÂ… their friends might not be quite as honest as they think they are. If they don't stay alert, their plans might crumble into ruin.


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