Card no. XI: Strength

Written by Mary

This card bears the number XI. It shows an image of a woman taming a lion.

This naturally evokes images of power and strength of character, but in a feminine form. It is creative strength. It symbolises the soul that rules our animal side. This card thus also evokes ideas of controlling our impulses. It is a source of energy, and of force of will. The young woman is wearing a hat on her head - the exact same one as worn by the Magician. We can therefore conclude that these two tarot cards complete each other.

This card can also announce a period of difficulty, for which strength will be needed. It is a sign of conflict between two opposing powers.

Drawn face up

The Strength card drawn upright is quite positive. The consultant's strength will allow them to overcome the most difficult of situations. They won't let themselves be beaten; their determination will help them to be masters of their own lives. They will have the energy needed to move forward and tackle any obstacles in their way.

Their great ability for seduction will also help them to convince others; they'll know how to be persuasive. Strength symbolises mastery, charm, and the courage to be who we really are deep down.
Its meanings: strength, courage, sincerity, calmness, determination

Drawn upside-down

The Strength card drawn upside-down expresses impotence, lack of confidence and weakness. The consultant will tend to act without any real logic; they'll be lost, not knowing where they're going. Strength can also transform into a tyrannical and egocentric power, which rather than helping to carry others forward, subdues them instead.

Its meanings: anger, impulsiveness, tyranny


This card is a sign of success; through strength and will, we see our plans through. But if we aren't careful, this natural power can change into a violent force that will divide rather than unify.


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