Card no. I: The Magician

Written by Mary

The Magician is the Fool come to a rest, a wisened man who has found his way. The card bears the number I; it is the first Arcanum. In the Middle Ages, jugglers were described as men who performed acts of magic.

Four things are shown on this card that can also be found on other cards in the Tarot of Marseille: the wand, the coin, a cup and a knife. They symbolise the four elements that are the source of life: water, air, earth, fire.

The Magician represents a new start; something new that is happening in the consultant's life; a period of learning or training that will be the start of something else. When this card is drawn, it is a sign of starting a new activity, or of being presented with a new opportunity. The Magician symbolises agility, a sharp mind, diplomacy, etc., and represents victory, strength and success.

Drawn face up

The card of the Magician drawn upright reveals that the person in question has a lot of energy for achieving their goals. They have the qualities they need to succeed, and everything they undertake will result in victory. This is a very good card. If a person is lucky enough to draw this card, it means that happy events will occur in their life, and that they will be the ones responsible for these changes.

Its meanings: enthusiasm, creativity, a new era, intelligence...

Drawn upside-down

The card of the Magician drawn upside-down signifies two things. Firstly, the person might lose themselves to excess, and the Magician's qualities become flaws. Intelligence turns to arrogance, and newness to fear of change, etc. Either that, or it could announce that an event that should have happened has not, meaning that the person missed out on an opportunity because they were too shy or too scared.

Its meanings: ruthless ambition, pretentiousness, violence, malice, laziness, failure...


The Magician is a sign of new plans or relationships. It is associated with art and work.

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