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Tarot is made up of 78 cards: 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. There are many varied ways of doing a Tarot draw. A few simple methods will enable you to draw the cards yourself and interpret what is revealed. From the different possible card spreads, we have chosen 4 to enable you to read, discover and find the answers you need. To avoid any misinterpretation, whichever kind of spread you have chosen, it is important to remain neutral and maintain a certain distance, so you can proceed with carrying out your interpretation entirely objectively.

Therefore, before you do your draw, you are recommended to empty your mind and not allow any emotions to take over, but concentrate on the question asked and show some discernment. You want to know about your future with the one you love, at work or within your family? Depending on your current situation or concerns, it will be your decision from now on to choose the type of spread that suits you best!

Tarot draw of the cup

The Tarot Cup Draw consists of drawing a single card after shuffling the deck thoroughly. This method of the one-card draw is a simple and quick technique to get the mood of the day, whether it is on a relationship, love or family level.

After the card is drawn, the next step is to interpret it. The meaning of the cards can vary depending on the person and their situation. For example, a card may represent an affirmative, negative or neutral response. Another interpretation may be that the card represents an action to obtain a solution or advice.

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Tarot reading in 2 cards

The two-card tarot reading is an ancient and very popular method used to get a concrete answer to a specific question or situation. It is often done with a 78-card tarot deck that includes 22 major and 56 minor arcana. The process of drawing two cards is very simple: you start by focusing on a specific question or issue and shuffle the cards. Then, two cards are chosen at random and studied separately.

Card 1 indicates the situation in question and card 2 represents the Tarot advice on that situation. It is important to take the time to analyze and understand the meaning of each card and its relationship to the question being asked. The two-card spread is particularly useful for getting advice and insight on difficult questions or decisions.

3 Card Tarot reading

The three card tarot reading is a method of answering a question and giving direction to follow. It is very simple and practical. First, focus on the situation that concerns you and draw three cards from the tarot deck. Then, carefully analyze each card, which has its own symbolism and can be interpreted according to the context and content of the questioning.

The first card represents the question that is bothering you. It indicates your situation and your state of mind at the time of the drawing.
The second card indicates what you desire, hope for, or the likely evolution of your situation.
The third card symbolizes what you must do, the solution to your problem, or its outcome.

The Three Card Draw clarifies a situation, provides guidance and solutions. It can also help develop new perspectives and assess the impact of the future. The tarot cards are a powerful tool for those who wish to do so, the three card draw can open up new avenues and give a new perspective on choices and decisions to be made.

Tarot reading in 4 cards

The 4-card tarot draw is a method that consists of randomly drawing 4 cards and interpreting them. It is ideal for answering specific questions, understanding the underlying reasons for a situation and finding optimal solutions.

The first card represents your present and current state of mind. It can give an indication of what is happening in your life.

The second card represents what lies ahead for you in the near future. It helps you understand what you need to do to achieve your short-term goals.

The third card gives you a broader view of the influences that can affect your life and its possibilities. It allows you to better identify the external factors that help you achieve your long-term goals.

Finally, the fourth card is an advice card that provides you with direction and solutions for making the right decisions and overcoming obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Cross Tarot deck - 5-card spread

The Cross Drawing is a very popular method of interpretation. It consists of drawing five cards to give a global vision of past, present and future events. The cards are arranged in a cross pattern, with one card in the center. The middle card represents the current problem or situation. The 4 cards surrounding it symbolize the elements that influence the situation and the different possible solutions.

The first group of cards, to the left and right of the center card, represents the past and present influences that have led to the situation and that could have an effect on the final outcome. The top and bottom two cards represent the consequences and fate that awaits you.

The Cross Draw is an easy way to understand your destiny. Through this method, you can better understand the situation and find solutions. It is an easy method to use and a great way to get answers to specific questions and get a broader view of things. Bonus: we reveal here the cards of the Annual Tarot Drawing with many tips for this year!

Square Tarot reading

The Tarot Squares Drawing is a very popular method for getting an answer to a specific question or for getting an overall picture. It consists in arranging nine cards of the Tarot de Marseille in a square. The square is a very effective way to get information about your current or future situation.

The square is formed by nine cards that represent the current environment, obstacles to overcome, possible solutions and outcomes. Each card represents a certain energy and provides additional insight into the situation.

Cards 1, 2 and 3 symbolize your assets, your strengths, your achievements, your abilities.
Cards 4, 5 and 6 represent the present or the advice of the cards, the path to follow.
Cards 7, 8 and 9 shed light on future influences, the outcome of projects.

Note that the middle card, card 5, offers additional indications on the situation by being nuanced by the neighboring cards.

The interpretations of the cards in this Tarot Four Card Drawing can help you make important decisions by giving you a broader perspective on your situation.

First name tarot reading

The first name tarot reading is an interesting method to discover what the future holds for you. The information obtained can be useful to guide your choices and decisions in your life.

This reading is done using all 78 cards of the Tarot de Marseille. The number of cards to draw depends on the number of letters in your first name. For example, if your name is Julie, your name has 5 letters. So you must draw 5 cards. Each card corresponds to a tarot card. The arrangement of the cards with the face down is done from left to right.

For the first name draw with Julie, card 1 corresponds to the letter J, card 2 to the letter U, card 3 to the letter L, card 4 to the letter I and finally card 5 to the letter E.

Once you have drawn and placed the right number of cards in front of you, you can turn them over and start the interpretation from left to right. Then, after you have obtained the omens, you must cover the initial cards with the same number of cards. The purpose of this second reading is to provide you with a more precise clarification. Once the new reading of the cards is done, it is important to repeat this process with a third line of cards. With each line, the interpretation becomes more and more in-depth, allowing you to make the right decisions in your life path.

Pyramid Tarot reading

The 6-card pyramid method is a divination technique that allows you to answer a specific question or complex problems. Each card gives indications on the emotions that color the situation. The principle is simple: after drawing 6 cards, they are arranged in a pyramid with three cards at the base.

The first 3 cards placed at the base of the pyramid symbolize the current situation.
The 2nd floor, consisting of 2 cards, represents the most likely evolution of the situation in the near future.
The 6th card placed on the 3rd level provides a concrete answer as to the final outcome, which is most likely to occur.

By exploring the meaning of the cards and their relationship to each other, you can gain valuable answers and insights that illuminate your life path and help you make important decisions.

In short, the Pyramid Drawing method is a very practical technique for getting answers to tricky questions. It gives you very specific answers about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Horseshoe Tarot reading

The method of the 7 card horseshoe tarot reading brings a precise light on a present situation and allows to obtain answers to questions about the future.

This draw is done with the tarot of Marseille, composed of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. We start by shuffling the cards, drawing 7 of them and arranging them in a horseshoe shape. Each card represents a facet of life: the present situation, the situation, the transformation, the advice, the obstacles, the solutions and the final result.

Card 1 represents your state of mind, your energy and your potential.
Card 2 symbolizes external events
Card 3 indicates the evolution of the situation
Cards 4 and 5 represent advice, steps to be taken, actions to be taken
Card 6 indicates the main obstacle to be overcome
Card 7 gives a precise answer on the long-term evolution of the situation.

This process allows you to see the relationships between the different cards and to understand the dynamics behind the problems and solutions. With this draw, you can discover what is happening in your present and what will happen in your future.

Celtic Cross Tarot reading

The Celtic tarot reading is an ancient method that combines symbols and divinatory figures to answer a question or to assess a situation.

The Celtic Tarot uses the arcana of the Tarot de Marseille which is composed of 78 cards divided into two groups: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana represent symbolic figures, spiritual forces and aspects of life. The Minor Arcana represent more practical events and life circumstances.

This is a 10-card spread that reflects your question or the theme you wish to explore.

The 10 cards are arranged in a Celtic cross diagram. Each card is placed in a specific location and represents a different aspect of your question.

The interpretation proceeds as follows: 1

Your present situation and state of mind
2. Your strengths and obstacles that hinder your situation
3. Your unconscious energies of the moment
4. Past influences that have led to your current situation
5. The influences for the next 3 months
6. Your ultimate goal that you can hope for
7. The advice that will allow you to choose the best attitude
8. The external events that you can bypass
9. Your inner emotions (dreams, expectations, worries)
10. The final result you can achieve in the next 6 months

The Celtic Tarot reading is a great way to go deeper into your reading and understand the hidden messages that will help you understand the meaning of your life.

Zodiac or Astrological Tarot Readings

The Zodiac or Astrological Tarot consists of drawing 12 cards from the Tarot de Marseille. These 12 cards represent the 12 astrological houses and are used to reveal the future. Each card is associated with a specific area of life and theme, which can be love, work, health, finances, etc.

Once all 12 cards have been drawn, an interpretation of the symbols, colors and characters represented on the cards is made. The house tarot offers very specific information. For example, the first house represents the consultant himself and his aspirations, the second house concerns work and money, the third house sheds light on relationships and friends ...

This tarot reading is a very valuable way to find answers and obtain information about the future. This method can be used to understand the past and predict the future, but also to make more informed decisions and overcome obstacles that may arise. Here we suggest you perform your HouseTarotDrawing: this draw will give you all the keys to understand every area of your life.

Tarot Star Deck

The Tarot of the Stars is composed of 78 cards divided into 22 major and 56 minor arcana. It is a powerful way to access your intuition. The 7 card draw for the 7 days of the week helps you to better understand your present and to become aware of the energies around you. Before proceeding with the Seven Days of the Week Drawing, start by focusing on your question.

Once you have discovered the meaning of each card, take time to reflect on how each energy can guide you on your life path. How can this information from the cards facilitate your actions and guide you on your path? The Tarot of the Stars is ideal for accessing wisdom and knowledge of the universe. Use it to find answers to your questions and to explore the world of the arcane!

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