Ways of doing a Tarot draw

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Tarot is made up of 78 cards: 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. There are many varied ways of doing a Tarot draw. A few simple methods will enable you to draw the cards yourself and interpret what is revealed. From the different possible card spreads, we have chosen 4 to enable you to read, discover and find the answers you need. To avoid any misinterpretation, whichever kind of spread you have chosen, it is important to remain neutral and maintain a certain distance, so you can proceed with carrying out your interpretation entirely objectively.

Therefore, before you do your draw, you are recommended to empty your mind and not allow any emotions to take over, but concentrate on the question asked and show some discernment. You want to know about your future with the one you love, at work or within your family? Depending on your current situation or concerns, it will be your decision from now on to choose the type of spread that suits you best!

The Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread is in widespread practice, giving excellent results and enabling the reader to obtain an immediate response to a precise question, whatever the domain. This very simple reading can be carried out anywhere and at any time. Before drawing the cards, it is important for you to be relaxed and target your question while completely focused on the situation concerning you, formulating the question in a clear manner. To obtain your response, you simply need to draw 4 cards from the 22 arcana in your Tarot pack. Once you have done this, you can move on to identifying each of the arcana. The explanation of the 4 positions of the cards drawn is as follows: the first card represents your state of mind at the time; the second represents potential difficulties and obstacles; the third represents the advice needed to be followed and the kind of resolution to be adopted; and the fourth represents the answer to your question.

The Horseshoe Spread

The Horseshoe Spread can be of valuable help in responding to a problem causing you concern and seeing a clearer way through the development of a current situation, where multiple external factors can intervene and create some confusion. The Horseshoe spread is more comprehensive than the Celtic Cross, giving a response to a very precise question and indications of the obstacles needing to be avoided and overcome, as well as advice to resolve the problem described. When you have relaxed and are focused on the situation that is worrying you, this draw should preferably be carried out in a calm environment. It consists of alternately choosing 4 major arcana and 3 minor arcana from the 78 cards in the pack. The 7 cards are then spread in the figure of a horseshoe. Their interpretation is as follows:

1: Past influences.
2: The present state of mind
3: Future circumstances - stability or instability
4: Advice to be followed - the path to follow
5: External influences - attitudes around you
6: Potential obstacles
7: The general meaning - the result

The Zodiac Spread

The Zodiac Spread is also called the Royal Road or the Great Astrological Draw. There are two versions. The first is known as the Royal Road or the Small Zodiac Spread. This draw gives a general idea of the year to come on all fronts and is usually carried out on New Year's Day or on your birthday. It involves choosing 12 major arcana from the 78 cards in the deck. Each of the 12 cards chosen represents one of the houses of the zodiac and one of the 12 months of the year. The second version, also known as the Great Royal Road or the Great Zodiac Spread, consists of choosing 12 minor arcana, also relating to the 12 houses of the zodiac, to which are added 4 major arcana and 1 arcana to complete the picture. When several grey areas remain, this spread is very interesting and enables you to obtain some clarification in all areas of your life. In this way, depending on your predominant concern, if you place the major arcana in the houses involved, you can obtain precise details relating to your love-life, work, finances, social life, home-life...

The Star Spread

The Star Spread is also known as the Tarot Love Spread as it enables you to answer questions about love matters. This spread enables you to take stock of your love-life, eliminate grey areas, enlighten you about the development of your relationship or find out more about the future of your love-life. The Star Spread is formed from 7 cards representing the 7 days of the week and can also be used to gain familiarity with the financial situation over the coming week. This kind of draw can be very precise in revealing situations or circumstances due to take place in the near future. As with other draws, you are recommended to clear your mind, relax and formulate your question in a very clear way. The Star Spread consists of drawing 7 major arcana arranged in the shape of a star. The cards are allocated as follows:

1. Your desires at the moment
2. Your deeper feelings
3. Your immediate future
4. Your impression of the situation
5. The positive aspects in realising your desires
6. Your current or future relationship
7. The advice to be followed and the attitude that should be adopted

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