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To start your Angel Tarot reading, select one of the 6 stacks. Next, choose a card that will reveal the forecast for your day. This card will give you advice and guidance for making the right decisions.

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The Angel tarot is made up of 78 cards, and, as its name suggests, it questions the Angels. This is an oracle that will show you which path to follow. The angels are there to guide us, and their answers will enlighten you.

The angels send us divine messages and are always with us. If we ask them for help, they will always be ready to do so. You can communicate your doubts, fears, and sadness to your angel. We recommend this introspection or invisible dialog before asking the Angel tarot. Three cards are drawn and then their meaning interpreted.

The word "Angel" means "messenger", and listening to their messages is an ancient tradition. Angels can appear alone or together with other angels. They can arrive at different moments. Even if we don't always see them, they are with us on our path even if we don't know it. Angels intervene in our lives only if you ask them. They are there to guide you and help you find solutions when you are in doubt. If you want to discover : Your Guardian Angel use our application What's my Angel

The angels are linked to the stars and planets. They depend on the degrees in the zodiac, the cardinal points, the forces of nature, and the universe. The role the angel plays determines their name. The angel who gives trust is named Mehammiel, which means "trust in God". The healing angel is called Raphael, which means "God who heals".

The Angel tarot is very good for developing your sensitivity if you wish. The cards will, naturally, inspire you. We also recommend using them for spiritual seances. Whatever it may be, the Angel Tarot will awaken your intuition. Any form of reading is possible. According to religion, every person has their own guardian angel. If you like this idea, don't hesitate to call out to him before starting a tarot reading.

Angels are described for the first time in the Bible in Daniel 3:25. We know that there a huge numbers of them. The book of Revelation 5:11 also brings up their existence. There many of them in front of the throne of the Lamb of God: "...numbering thousands and thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand".

It is also said that they are stronger than men. The apostle Paul wrote that the angels are stronger and more powerful than men.
The Angel tarot is related to the mystical Kabbal. Angels appear in the form of fiery creatures or in the form of a human being. In the 5th century B.C., the prophet Malakhi foretold the coming of a new prophet, Eli, which means "day of God".

The answer can be found in Iran where Zarathustra lived. He is the one who created the religion of Zoroastrianism. This religion is a mix of Indian, Greek, and Middle Eastern cultures. For Zarathustra, Fate is the foundation of our existence, and we are all subjected to it. Fate flows forth from a primordial wisdom, a divine will, which can turn out to be constructive or destructive. People everywhere believed in various divinities, and to bring them together, Zarathustra brought them into one religion, giving each one certain characteristics. They would become protective spirits. In the Zoroastrian religion, these divinities are protectors of Fate. Angels would become Malakhi and Yazata, the messenger and the adorable, respectively.

But, it's only at the beginning of our era, in the 5th century, that people began talking about the influence of guardian angels on a person's life. Dionysius the Areopagite was inspired by Jewish, Chrisitan, and Zoroastrian beliefs to fill out his philosophy. The philosophies of Plotinus and Plato added their influence, and it is at this moment that guardian angels as we know them were born. Over time, they would become ever more important in the hearts of men.

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