Libra's horoscope for September 2023

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for September 2023

To start a new cycle of expansion, begin by taking a step back from events. You can handle them better and more productively if you don't rush into anything. If the outside world is sending you positive signals, take time to reflect before making the right decisions.

Libra: Mood for September 2023

If you do not rush and if you sharpen your angles of action without revealing your final intentions, you will manage to realize them and you will draw from this exercise a certain secret pleasure. This will help you to wait for something better.

Libra: Love for September 2023

You are inclined to reflect, to optimize external events that bring about changes that could improve your status and even your income. Unless a project dear to your heart is about to bloom, you are impatiently waiting for your time. Whether it is to love or to build, to maintain or to light the flame.

In couple: if a project was dragging on, it will take its course more actively. Whether it is the conception of a child, a home, a new living environment, you are preparing in the shadows what is to come.

Single: whatever your expectations are, you will skilfully lay the groundwork without revealing your batteries and secret assets. The road is beginning to open up under your feet.

Libra: Money for September 2023

Rely on negotiation to get what you want. Don't make your initiatives known, act in the shadows to turn the situation to your advantage

Libra: Work for September 2023

You're quietly laying the groundwork for an important project that will face some delays this summer. For the time being, don't reveal your plans, act behind the scenes to help them come to fruition, obtain the credits and support you need to finalize them.

Libra: Leisure for September 2023

Wait until you've done what's important to you before you treat yourself to a pleasant escape. Venus is sharpening your desire for pleasure, but do you have time to give yourself over to the dizziness of love?

Libra: Key dates for September 2023

-The 4th: External events help you. Don't rush anything and move forward under cover to prevail in the long run.
-The 8th: you act in the shadows and your strategies pay off. It is by moving forward discreetly that you have the best chance of succeeding, without arousing the distrust of those who think they are in charge.
-The 16th: the unexpected manifests itself to your advantage, you take advantage of unexpected opportunities to discreetly change things to your advantage.
-The 17th: Some exciting projects may involve expenses that may exceed your possibilities. To maintain your trust, agree to cut costs.
-The 29th: unforeseen events will destabilize your plans. You are not safe from a setback that could affect your program. You will have to get used to it...

Libra: Advice for September 2023

The month favors initiatives that you carry out discreetly and efficiently. Whether it is a private or professional project, act and negotiate discreetly. The less noise you make, the more you will steer the game in the right direction.

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