Leo's horoscope for September 2022

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for September 2022

In September, you will work hard to put your talents to the fore and ask for their just reward. If you place your heart and soul into defending a project, never forget to value the interest that everyone would find in believing you and following you. By focusing on the collective good, you will most surely score points.

Leo: Mood for September 2022

Enthusiastic, ambitious, and determined to win? In September, you will show a determination that will affect if you accompany it with solid arguments that will reassure those ready to support your initiatives. Indeed, relying on your undeniable radiance to spread your wings. Not to take off without a belt.

Leo: Love for September 2022

Are you more interested in expressing and enhancing your potential and talents than in the running around in September? You are actively working to defend and realize a project. You will have to use your sense of communication (on the 23rd) to influence your entourage to your advantage.

In a Relationship: not really available to rekindle or even maintain the flame because you will be primarily concerned with convincing your partner to support your ambitions! Avoid setting the bar too high if you want them to follow you!

Single: you are trying to rally the support of those around you around objectives that motivate you but do not necessarily have the unanimous consent of the ranks. You don't have much time to look for your soul mate!

Leo: Money for September 2022

For the time being, you are looking for support to motivate your troops, broaden your horizons, and communicate more on the substance of the issue than on financial matters. Do you want to convince people that your proposals are well-founded before you ask for financing?

Leo: Work for September 2022

You will be fully committed to a project that motivates you and whose legitimacy you will ardently defend at the beginning of the month. Although Jupiter is currently favoring your expansion, if you really want to win, be careful not to display any outbursts of enthusiasm that could worry those watching you and will not follow you without real and concrete guarantees.

Leo: Leisure for September 2022

Do you want to get away from it all, push back the boundaries of what is possible, or even go abroad? What if you took advantage of the Indian summer to go on vacation again? And if you've used up all your vacation time, find any excuse to escape from everyday life.

Leo: Key dates for September 2022

- On the 1st, your horizons expand, and your ambitions are realized? Rely on your enthusiasm and determination to find support.
- On the 16th, if you need funds to finance your projects, be careful not to ask for too much, or you may be found too greedy.
- On the 20th, you should focus on expressing your talents and potential to make your superiors want to support your bold ideas.
- On the 26th, you will win unanimous approval by putting your abilities at the service of the common cause. Whether at home or at work.
- On the 28th, you will convince the other person to trust you by demonstrating your determination to open up common perspectives.

Leo: Advice for September 2022

A month of September that rekindles your thirst for conquest, for adventure? Aspirations to be maintained and developed. However, take care to motivate your ambitions and take the time to communicate what drives you and lifts you up.

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