Pisces's horoscope for September 2020

Written by Daisy

It's a tiring start to fall for everyone. While some enjoy relative immunity, others have to break with a past that restricts their personal expression. We must take on challenges to emancipate ourselves, or even transform into a better version of ourselves and evolve constructively. But not without struggles or aggression to curb. In short, it's a real back-to-school month, with its share of homework to do and mistakes to avoid.

Pisces: Love horoscope for September 2020

Love: A Common Platform!

Venus reinforces your desires and your will to seduce from the 6th. She invites you to put yourself at the service of the other. So it's no longer a question of attracting and impressing your audience, but of showing goodwill and empathy. You serve the community, and you make yourself available to your partner. A time, Pisces, when the needs of the ego give way to dedication and solid management of your entourage's daily life and expectations.

1st decan (February 19th - February 29th): Goodwill is Appreciated!

Since July, you have been crossing a peaceful area where you can take a breather and enjoy the summer atmosphere to have a good time. Between the 6th and 15th, Venus invites you to expend your energy in the service of others. You devote yourself to the cause with eagerness and receive the recognition of your loved ones. Take advantage of this opportunity to close ranks because, starting on the 26th, Uranus reinvests your communication with your entourage and puts electricity in the air.

2nd decan (March 1st - March 10th): Keep Your Feet on the Ground!

The current is flowing. The other person likes the way you present things. Talk and act; it is time to make projects together. However, you must consult the other person who finds that you are hovering above reality. If between the 15th and 24th, Venus makes you want to satisfy your loved ones and fulfil their wishes, check if you are on the same wavelength to avoid managing the financing of your plans without taking into account your means.

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): Overzealousness or Spending too Much Money is Strongly Discouraged!

If you aspire to change your destiny and open up the future more in line with the evolution accomplished, then count on others to support you. But only if you do not waste your money on unlikely projects. A constructive dialogue ensures the support of those who count, and the blockages dissipate. Don't jeopardize these advances by imposing your own vision or by spending your own or the community's money without counting the cost, as these excesses will not go away.

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If you take the others into account, you'll have every chance of getting a unanimous agreement. On the other hand, if you play it personally, beware. Venus recommends you that in September, you serve the common cause as much as your own.

Pisces: The thread of the month for September 2020

First Week,

The 1st, a bit of a knack and the desire to convince your partner to follow you? You're scoring points. The 2nd, the Full Moon illuminates you but keep a sense of solidarity to avoid frustration. Use your originality to surprise and seduce. The 3rd, you lift the brakes and blockages that delay the realization of your projects. The 4th, don't abuse your charm to get more than you're given. Negotiate, don't try to force your way through.

The Second Week,

The 9th, you present your projects that thrill the crowds. Take advantage of this opportunity to rally the votes and encourage others to support your initiatives. The 11th, avoid dreaming too much to continue convincing. Keep a sense of limits.

The Third Week,

The 14th, if you aspire to transform your life and look at the future in a different light, you can make others aware of your approach. The 15th, don't try to stand out and team up to avoid being mistrusted. The 17th, don't overestimate your means to avoid uncontrolled slip-ups. The New Moon recommends that you team up and keep the dialogue open to lift some of the restraints that are preventing you from moving forward.

The Fourth Week,

The 21st, some negotiations go wrong if you ask for too much. Keep your voice down rather than leading the debates into a deadlock. The 23rd, your demands seem impossible to meet. If you don't take your budget into account, you will end the day frustrated and disappointed. The 24th, you are eager to use your full potential. But if you force the issue, it won't work. The 29th, rely on your willingness to serve the common cause rather than asking for too much, or you'll run into a wall.

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