Virgo's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for October 2023

Whatever ground you are called upon to debate in October, opt for dialogue and conciliation. You are quick to lose your temper, and you will have counterproductive exchanges that degenerate into conflict. But if you rely on your charm, on a respectful communication with the other, you will manage to unite around your objectives, to make others want to follow you and to convince without constraining.

Virgo: Mood for October 2023

Your enthusiasm is contagious around the 22nd, we want to believe you, to follow you in exciting adventures. Don't spoil the mood (28th, 29th) by dictating your laws to everyone.

Virgo: Love for October 2023

You can count on a charm to live a dream, to embark with the other, to take off together for a paradisiacal destination or to find the rare pearl (the 22nd). The situation allows you to reach an ideal. Do not abuse your hold on the other person to dictate his or her behavior (the 28th, the 29th).
In couple: ideal conditions to share strong moments with the one you love around the 22nd, your love ambitions are fulfilled, but (on the 28th, 29th) do not take anything for granted.
Single: open your eyes around the 22nd, all the conditions favor a love affair, the meeting of an ideal person. On the 28th and 29th, don't ask for more to make the party last.

Virgo: Money for October 2023

You will get your way if you file your claims around the 22nd when the lights are green, but don't be too sure of yourself on the 28th, 29th.

Virgo: Work for October 2023

Golden opportunities to broaden your horizons, to realize certain ambitions you have been pursuing for a while (expatriation, expansion abroad). Rely on your charisma at the top (22nd) to push back some previous limitations, extend your influence, seduce your hierarchy, but do not try to force anyone's hand (28th, 29th).

Virgo: Leisure for October 2023

Anything that allows you to dream, to surpass yourself, will seduce you in October. Whether it's a beautiful trip for two or an adventure (even a professional one) could take you far and high.

Virgo: Key dates for October 2023

-The 9th: Whether you love your loved one passionately or seek to express your creativity without limits, avoid imposing your demands on the other (others). If you do so, you may encounter strong reactions from your partner in love or even conflicts of interest in business matters.
-The 13th: it is through a respectful dialogue of the other that you arrive at constructive conclusions, whether it is an emotional or professional partnership.
-The 22nd: endowed with a beautiful charisma, you make a mark. Whether your aspirations are sentimental or social, your horizons are broadening.
-28th: if you have the opportunity to push back the frontiers of what is possible, avoid putting pressure on those who open the way for you. You risk dampening their enthusiasm by being insistent.
-The 31st: If you dream of a change of scenery, use your radiance to influence situations to your advantage and move towards an unusual destination.

Virgo: Advice for October 2023

October, Indian summer version. It is the time to fully enjoy the present moment, to believe in the field of possibilities while listening to others and not only to your needs.

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