Sagittarius's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

Sagittarius: Astral Climate for October 2023

You have projects in mind. You are mobilizing body and soul to realize them or at least to implement them. Take the time to think about the consequences of what you undertake, do not rush anything, because you are going too fast, at the risk of irritating some who hesitate to reach out to you. Be patient.

Sagittarius: Mood for October 2023

In October, your popularity rating climbs, your situation evolves and you take advantage of all opportunities. Stay in this excellent mood, without manipulating anyone (28th).

Sagittarius: Love for October 2023

Charming and charming, you are pleasing, even if you are more inclined to shine in society (on the 22nd) than to rekindle the flame with the one you love or to search for the rare pearl. Do not use your influence to put pressure on (28th, 29th).

In couple: you seek above all to make a good impression with a professional or (and) social entourage which you need to move forward. Explain to your partner that you are acting in the common interest.

Single: you are on the move, trying to attract the attention of whoever you like, but especially whoever you need to finalize some current advances on the social and professional level (the 22nd). But do not raise your voice (28th, 29th).

Sagittarius: Money for October 2023

Proposals are accompanied by an increase in salary or significant benefits. This is the moment to open yourself to this field of possibilities while avoiding (on the 28th and 29th) asking for too much.

Sagittarius: Work for October 2023

You will make an impression, you will seize opportunities and you will consolidate your successes by seducing those around you on the 22nd, but do not abuse your powers (28th, 29th).

Sagittarius: Leisure for October 2023

Jupiter supports your energies and your morale. It is therefore radiant, infinitely seductive, that you will meet your social circle under the spell. Take advantage of your current rating to party, to go out without getting dizzy.

Sagittarius: Key dates for October 2023

-The 9th: don't put pressure on those who are in a position to support your ambitions and projects. It's up to you to know how far you can go without running into a wall.
-On the 13th: it is by thinking carefully about the scope of your interventions, by calmly channeling your actions that you will best succeed in overcoming recurrent problems and blockages within the family.
-The 22 : an undeniable charisma and a will to collaborate is a winning cocktail to progress.
-On the 28th: do not try to speed up the movement or to put pressure on those around you to give in to your demands. This strategy will not work and will irritate some.
-The 31st: rely on your original tone and method to change things at work and get your business to run more to your liking. Count on your popularity to give you a free hand.

Sagittarius: Advice for October 2023

October pushes you to optimize your chances to progress, to succeed. Avoid any initiative carried out in the shadows (28th, 29th) to obtain more than what is offered to you.

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