Leo's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

The dissonances that emanate from Jupiter and Uranus give you a hard time. As a result, you evolve in a climate that requires you to give the best of yourself to achieve your goals. The move from Mars to Scorpio, scheduled for the 13th, foreshadows that things will get a little more complicated. To help you through these turbulent areas, you have the support of the energies in Libra. They encourage you to find compromises instead of being stubborn. Unfortunately, at the end of the month, the arrival of Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio will amplify the phenomenon. If you want to avoid multiple annoyances at this time, temper your authoritarianism.

Leo: Love in General para October 2023

Leo: You have a problem with your feelings and those of others. You have the feeling of being caught in a trap. As a result, your reactions are bizarre and plunge your loved ones into misunderstanding. Keep your discernment. This will save you from making mistakes in judgment.

Leo: In a relationship para October 2023

Leo: Although the exchanges are pleasant and loving, you feel that something is wrong. Resist the temptation. Do not get worked up over little details as this would trigger hostilities that would damage your relationship.

Single para October 2023

Leo: With the departure of Venus from your sign, the euphoria calms down. On the other hand, with the energies in Libra you maintain the bond with someone you've met. If your wishes do not come true, stay zen. These setbacks are only transient.

Leo: Career / Finance para October 2023

Leo: To move forward, you need to show endurance and pragmatism. This month, you have to add tolerance to the way you do things, Leo! Coming into conflict with those who have the power of the solution to a problem will not help your business. So, instead of telling them the bottom line of your thinking, go their way. On the worst days, don't say anything and follow your intuition. By doing so, you will avoid these conflicts that wrongly ruin your reputation. On the financial side, you are very picky. A dollar is a dollar. Be careful, because you will tarnish your image.

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2023

Leo: You know, the energies of Scorpio do not succeed with you. So this month, be wise. Do not set fire to the powder for unimportant details.

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