Leo's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for October 2023

In October, you should prefer open communication rather than trying to dominate the situation. This is especially true in the family, where your positions are not always unanimously accepted. Remain flexible, adaptable, and attentive to others' needs in order to make the exchanges evolve in a constructive manner. Show others (especially your own) that your interests are linked so that they will want to make things easier for you, to end the month in harmony rather than in conflict.

Leo: Mood for October 2023

Charming and charming, you will enjoy a magnetic influence especially between the 20th and the 29th, which is likely to draw the attention of others to you. This is an asset you will use without reserve to advance your pawns on the chessboard and make allies. Do not abuse it to keep them.

Leo: Love for October 2023

You are more attracted to social recognition than to more carnal pleasures. Jupiter is putting your career plans in the spotlight. However, you can count on your sensuality to exalt your power of seduction. Even if you use it more to accelerate your professional advancement than to give yourself up to the vertigo of love.

In couple: you want to seduce in society, your ambitions are increasing. Let's bet that your partner will know how to deal with it (or rather without it) as he will be conquered by your radiance if you don't forget to tell him that at the same time you only think about him.

Single: your magnetism serves your interests turned towards your imminent social success. Love will wait until you have achieved your goals.

Leo: Money for October 2023

Eager for material goods, financial rewards and social recognition, you will get your way (on the 22nd) if you do not take anything for granted (on the 28th, 29th).

Leo: Work for October 2023

Jupiter favors your social and professional expansion and Venus endows you (between the 20th and the 29th) with a charm to fall. This will increase your appetite for glory and encourage you to ask for a substantial increase in your salary. On the 22nd, you will convince everyone, but do not abuse it (28th, 29th).

Leo: Leisure for October 2023

You love social gatherings and dinners, in which you can move effortlessly thanks to your unmistakable charm and an ease that many people appreciate (the 22nd). Cultivate your relationships in October without believing that you can now exploit everyone.

Leo: Key dates for October 2023

-The 9th: conflicts are possible if you want to have the last word in a nebulous situation. You may run into a wall and attract enmities you could have done without.
-The 13th: You use your energy to change things in your family. You break down obstacles and overcome the limits that restrict your development.
-The 22nd: a brilliant success, a promotion, a consequent increase to hope for, something to improve your living conditions and give you a smile.
-The 28th: Your career is growing, you can evolve professionally and socially, but do not impose on your family a rhythm of life and constraints that sow discord.
-The 31st: rely on your talents to change your life, or to find a job that corresponds to your expectations of fantasy and freedom. You are heard, understood and fulfilled.

Leo: Advice for October 2023

You will get what you want in October if you don't get too greedy. A balance must be found between the chance to get the Grail and the risk of losing it if you suddenly think you are God.

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