Sagittarius's horoscope for October 2022

Written by Daisy

Sagittarius: Astral Climate for October 2022

Are there any projects in your sights that are hotly debated in October? If they concern your family life where your loved ones are involved, discuss them as openly as possible without trying to pull the wool over your eyes! This month you will have to defend your aspirations and positions without trying to force anyone's hand! Just to avoid any trouble and possible fights!

Sagittarius: Mood for October 2022

You will certainly have no trouble seducing anyone you want in October. You will have the art and the way to embark your relatives, friends, and even your business partners in your dreams. If your future vision is likely to win over the people around you, just beware of a bit of excess enthusiasm that could lead others to doubt you.

Sagittarius: Love for October 2022

You are formulating projects that probably concern the future of your emotional life, and you are not lacking in enthusiasm to realize them. Until the 28th, Jupiter continues to exalt your sentimental fervor and your desire to live your love life to the fullest. Just make sure that your perspectives remain realistic around the 1st and 12th! From the 23rd onwards, take a step back from events!

In a Relationship: since May 10 and until October 28, Jupiter favors your personal fulfillment. In October, you'll have a lot of charm and tender projects in your mind and heart? From the 23rd, don't rush into anything!

Single: until the 28th, Jupiter continues to exalt your power of seduction. At the same time, Venus favors your friendships (or even more if you are so inclined)! Is this the ideal moment to make tender plans? Not without thinking twice at the end of the month!

Sagittarius: Money for October 2022

Your current magnetic aura should open doors for you and make it easier to get things done. If you wish to obtain funds to finance your projects, do not hesitate to make your requests without pushing the envelope too far!

Sagittarius: Work for October 2022

You have no shortage of talent or charm to influence people to your advantage. If you wish to convince them to adopt your (a priori attractive) views, try to moderate your impulses (and expectations) a little. Otherwise, you risk being too enterprising (1st, 12th)! From the 23rd, take the time to mature your plans!

Sagittarius: Leisure for October 2022

Do not hesitate to cultivate your gifts and practice activities you like in the group. Especially with friends (museum outings, fishing trips, marathons) whose affection should warm your heart in October!

Sagittarius: Key dates for October 2022

- On the 1st, tender projects in mind, including discussing however with loved ones to be sure to share the same vision of the world!
- On the 12th, please let others have their say if you don't want to generate misunderstandings or misunderstandings in your family!
- On the 14th, exchanges with loved ones will be based on solid ground. Mainly if they concern your prospects!
- On the 19th, if a question of budget poses a problem, keep the dialogue open no matter what happens!
- On the 27th, if the debates are animated and productive, respect certain budgetary limits if you want them to stay on track!

Sagittarius: Advice for October 2022

This is a month where you will benefit from the influence of Jupiter (until the 28th). It will boost your thirst for life, for love, and for being, but also your creativity! Why not if you think about respecting the ones you are asked for!

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