Libra's horoscope for October 2022

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for October 2022

You've started a new expansion cycle and want to communicate substantively with those around you? Rely on the voice of reason, attentive and loving listening to smooth out the edges, avoid misunderstandings and even close the ranks around better communication between you and your loved ones! If you have in mind to push back some previous limitations, to get rid of a form of frustration, opt without hesitation for "the" dialogue!

Libra: Mood for October 2022

Until the 7th, you will benefit from the graces of Venus to enhance your aura. Plus, you have the support of Mercury (between the 10th and 17th) to boost your eloquence. These are significant assets to put you in a good mood and keep you there. Especially since your state of mind will be contagious! You'll spend the month switched "on" and well surrounded!

Libra: Love for October 2022

Your charisma is at its best. You will not hesitate to use it to strengthen a relationship, enchant your partner, and create a magical atmosphere in your exchanges? You will know how to make yourself irresistible, and you can count on your radiance to embellish your emotional life! Let's bet that the other person will appreciate it (on the 1st and 12th)!

In a Relationship: an irresistible power of seduction, a desire to love and be loved. You will not lack assets nor arguments to arouse the same passions in a rather hot partner (the 1st, the 12th)! Jupiter favors your exchanges until the 28th!

Single: rely on your undeniable magnetism to attract whoever you like into your nets. You wonder who could resist your charms (1st, 12th)! Cosmic flows are likely to exalt your desire to really commit yourself!

Libra: Money for October 2022

You have nothing to worry about regarding your finances. You should take advantage of your good rating to prosper (if not already done)! If you are waiting for a promotion, you can use your current popularity to get it immediately!

Libra: Work for October 2022

Count on your current radiance to increase your sympathy capital and make everyone want to work with you, to be a team. You will have the art and the way to shine without occulting the light of the other. In short, you can show off your skills while fulfilling the expectations of your partners, who are satisfied with your services (1st, 12th).

Libra: Leisure for October 2022

This is the time to engage in activities that connect you to others. You'll enjoy joining a group or a team rather than staying in your corner!

Libra: Key dates for October 2022

- On the 1st, rely on your irresistible radiance to start the month with good vibes, even in love!
- On the 12th, make sure that your personal ambitions do not disturb the harmony of your daily life. Whether it be on an individual or professional level!
- On the 14th, if you have tended to examine your relationships for a while, count on this situation to warm up the atmosphere!
- On the 19th, do you feel that your roots and family history are holding you back? Focus on a more empathetic approach to broaden your horizons and detach yourself from the past!
- On the 27th, opt for frank and direct communication to lighten your load rather than a tendency to use force. It's totally counterproductive!

Libra: Advice for October 2022

This is a month when you will undoubtedly make a good impression on the world around you and increase the desire of others to collaborate with you. Exploit this tendency without delay, which will tend to diminish from the 28th!

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