Cancer's horoscope for October 2022

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for October 2022

This month it will be a matter of looking after the well-being of your loved ones and taking time to manage your relationships. Even if you have work to do elsewhere or opportunities on the professional level, there is no question of skipping duties and responsibilities. You will have to work to make your exchanges and your environment evolve in the right direction, and establish a constructive dialogue without any desire to manipulate anyone!

Cancer: Mood for October 2022

Nothing and nobody should affect your serenity in October! As long as you are doing well on all fronts (family, business) and responding to demands, you should get through and end the month at peace with yourself and others. From the 23rd, the Sun will boost your life energy...for the better!

Cancer: Love for October 2022

In October, you will take care of your loved ones and be attentive to their needs when Jupiter continues to highlight your social and professional life. However, there is no question of sacrificing your family life! In October, you will have to find a balance between your boss's demands and the expectations of your loved ones (1st, 12th)!

In a Relationship: your loved ones are asking for you, and you will certainly wish to spend time with those you love. Try to be present with them as often as possible. You should not get too caught up in your currently valued activities!

Single: from the 23rd, the Sun will boost your power of seduction and your thirst for conquest? Before that, be careful not to neglect those you love despite the social recognition you aspire to, which now seems within reach!

Cancer: Money for October 2022

This month you will probably be more concerned with preserving family harmony and keeping the mood at home than your finances. It's a good bet that Jupiter has helped you make your finances grow!

Cancer: Work for October 2022

The dynamizing influence of Jupiter on your professional status diminishes from the 28th. This giant planet of the zodiac will only return to the (positive) charge from December 20 to finish what started (you ensure an excellent recognition)! In the meantime, measure your progress and do everything possible to consolidate it!

Cancer: Leisure for October 2022

Organize family outings if you have some free time despite a social and professional effervescence that will hardly weaken before the end of the month. Unless you are close to a sudden urge to embellish your home sweet home!

Cancer: Key dates for October 2022

- On the 1st, try to balance social influence and presence at home, where your good care will be appreciated!
- On the 12th, if you aim at an ideal, try to act without ambiguity. Otherwise, you may be reproached for not playing it straight!
- On the 14th, your willingness to move the lines harmoniously in the family should allow you to build (rebuild) on solid ground!
- On the 19th, an iron fist in a velvet glove rather than an apparent desire to control? The best approach to avoid clashes!
- On the 27th, influencing events in the shadows will serve your objectives better than rushing into the fray!

Cancer: Advice for October 2022

A month should go smoothly as long as you find the right balance between professional opportunities not to lose sight of and emotional life to preserve!

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