Pisces's horoscope for October 2020

Written by Daisy

A month to approach without dominating anyone. In October, stay tuned to elevate the debates, gently convey your messages, and conclude them to your advantage rather than forcing anyone's hand. It's up to us to surf on the good vibes that encourage amicable exchanges and renounce any authoritarian approach that would only pollute the atmosphere and short-circuit the frequency.

Pisces: Love horoscope for October 2020

Love: A Precious Ally!

The best way to get the other person's attention is to listen carefully and tenderly. Venus invites you to do so, count on her to mark hearts. This beautiful disposition of mind allows you to listen to your partner, Pisces, plead your case, and exalt your ability to get your messages across smoothly or limit breakage.

1st decan (February 19th - February 29th): Bet on the Medium Term to Convince!

You aspire to express what goes through your head. If debates are initiated, you will not let up in October. However, from the 14th, there will be brakes and obstacles that will slow down the discussions' pace, which will not really resume until November. You can count on Venus to bring you closer to your partner, soften them up, and subtly put forward your point of view.

2nd decan (March 1st - March 10th): A Question of Measurement!

In October, you benefit from a cosmic backdrop to your projects and loves. If you have an idea of the ideal life, you can hope to approach it around the 12th. The sky is mobilizing to help you if you remain realistic. Renounce extravagant plans that cost too much not to tarnish engaging perspectives.

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): Lower Your Voice!

You are fighting to defend a project or accelerate major changes, but your offensive attitude harms your plans, your authority doesn't make people happy. To convince whoever you like to believe and follow you, opt for the soft method and dialogue to help you remove the blockages.

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Dialogue and listening are the best weapons to achieve your goals. Don't force your way if you want to succeed rather than get into trouble.

Pisces: The thread of the month for October 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, first Full Moon of the month encourages you to talk about money, claim what is yours and strengthen your finances, but don't overdo it. The 7th, debates that started at the end of September mobilize you all month long and will only be concluded in November. Until then, try not to lose your motivation. The 9th, avoid asking too much. If your desires seem legitimate, they are not orders. Your entourage will slow you down if they find you too greedy. The 10th, the best way to communicate your daring ideas that have something to surprise you is to get your messages across gently. The 11th, you want to open up the future as you see fit, shape it and make realistic demands.

The Second Week,

The 12th, a great cosmic springboard, promotes your aspirations. Take advantage of this excellent frequency to raise the debate, take the other person into your dreams, and take a step towards him or her. The 13th, don't impose anything on anyone, especially to get more money or power. You will come up against something stronger than you are. The 14th, any negotiation comes up against delays and obstacles that do not give way until November, but there is no question of giving up. The 15th, if you abuse your authority to make those in power or money bend, you will pay the price. Don't expose yourself to possible collapse. The 16th, the New Moon advises you to adapt and question your practices. If you want to control and direct everything, beware. The 18th, you will create impassable walls if you force your way through.

The Third Week,

The 19th, it is by discussing your projects openly with your partner and presenting them in their best light that you will make them wait and make them want to follow you. Don't try to show your strength. Think about it. The 20th, the exchanges launched at the end of September are continuing despite delays that do not give in to any argument. Be patient. The 21st, attentive listening and the willingness to team up in love or business are good ways to evolve without triggering reactions against your projects. The 24th, your tender arguments melt the ice and the obstacles.

The Fourth Week,

The 31st, the second Full Moon of the month, invites you to keep the debates open and encourages communication. Do not deprive yourself of this.

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