Leo's horoscope for October 2020

Written by Daisy

A month to approach without dominating anyone. In October, stay tuned to elevate the debates, gently convey your messages, and conclude them to your advantage rather than forcing anyone's hand. It's up to us to surf on the good vibes that encourage amicable exchanges and renounce any authoritarian approach that would only pollute the atmosphere and short-circuit the frequency.

Leo: Love horoscope for October 2020

Love: In search of well-being and good living!

Your goal is to satisfy your desires. Venus pushes you to gluttony and makes you want to get the recognition you aspire to. You play on your charm to obtain satisfaction because, Leo, you don't want to lack love, comfort, or money.

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): You Don't Have Your Hands Free!

Discussions on balancing work and family life are always on the agenda. Your aspirations to free yourself from certain professional limitations worry your loved ones who fear losing their security. You need to listen to what you're told and stand up for your vision of the world. Count on your power of persuasion and seduction to plead your case, but delays or obstacles may trap you in your entrenchments. You do not give up, even if those around you put you up against a wall.

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): Ambitious and Generous!

You are looking for financial abundance and an improvement in your life. Also count on your magnetism and your sharp appetites to make your situation evolve, but do not abuse these assets to force anyone's hand. You are reaching the goal, even if love is not your priority. You make those you love benefit from your generosity.

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Other Priorities?

You fight for recognition, defend your ambitions, and mobilize to face the obstacles that stand in your way. Count on Venus (between the 19th and 28th) to showcase your talents and merits and move the crowds.

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Your appetites are more focused on recognizing your talents and merits than on more sensual and emotional gratification, but explain what's going on and associate those you love with your quest for success.

Leo: The thread of the month for October 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, the first Full Moon of the month, invites you to broaden your horizons, carry your ambitions, and not exceed the limits. Find balance. The 7th, your situation weighs on you, you have choices to make, or you are under pressure. Explain what's going on to your loved ones so that stress doesn't set in at home. The 9th, moderate your ambitions so as not to frighten people who wonder about your good intentions to serve the community as much as you do. The 10th, it is by deploying your talents and playing with your charm that you will be most successful in wandering between the pitfalls and moving the lines in the right direction. The 11th, maintain an open dialogue with those around you. Explain to your family and friends the need for you to jump on the moving train.

The Second Week,

The 12th, a buoyant sky allows you to change jobs, get a promotion, or improve your daily life. An advantageous situation where you should rush to get ahead of the game. You want to share your generosity with your loved ones. The 13th, explain to others what motivates your determination to defend your ambitions so that they believe you and do not raise doubts in people's minds about the legitimacy of an authority suddenly deployed. The 15th, don't rush the community so that the outside world doesn't block you in your initiatives. The 16th, the New Moon recommends that you communicate and keep the dialogue open. The 18th, the current is having trouble getting through, and your controversy begins.

The Third Week

The 19th, if you force your way in, you're playing against yourself. Show what you are capable of. Deploy your talents to seduce and rally the votes rather than raising your voice at your own risk. The 20th, family discussions drag on, and you find it difficult to explain what you are going through, you are seen as too personal and unwilling to consider the public interest. It's up to you to tell your family that your situation needs to be reviewed. The 21st, it is by redoubling your zeal, talent, and charm that you make your mark on people's minds and hearts. The 24th, the best way to break down obstacles is to show what you can do to improve the living conditions of all. The 25th, the debates continue as a family on the legitimacy of your personal choices. Don't give up, but listen to what you are told.

The Fourth Week,

The 31st, the second Full Moon of the month puts you in the front line at work, it's up to you to show what you can do, without shutting everyone out.

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