Cancer's horoscope for November 2020

Written by Daisy

The month promises to be lively and offers some great opportunities for people to change their work or their lives and chart a new course elsewhere or otherwise. But don't ask for too much. The cosmic state of affairs offers everyone opportunities for expansion and the chance to set an ideal in motion, to pave the way for a more inspiring world view that pulls us upwards. A promise to be honoured by connecting us to our souls and our ability to prosper without plundering the resources of abled world that offers us one last chance to grow in maturity and openness of mind and heart. A gift from heaven and Earth to be received with gratitude.

Cancer: Love horoscope for November 2020

Love: Diplomacy is Advised!

Venus maintains harmony in the family, but despite your goodwill, you have difficulty getting your messages across and being heard. It's up to you to make a few necessary concessions to get through the month without a hitch, Cancer, and enjoy a personal radiance that will earn you some success in respect or love.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st) Please Take Kid Gloves!

Venus serves your family interests until the 5th and invites you to pamper your loved ones, but do not slacken your efforts afterwards. On the 17th and 27th, your charm and your eloquence do not allow you to ignore the needs and expectations of those you love. Do not impose certain projects that they consider whimsical. Take the time to explain what you are planning and associate them with these perspectives.

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th) You Have A Lot to Offer!

Venus invites you to take care of those around you between the 5th and 13th, but you find it hard to keep your professional ambitions quiet. You have to balance between work and home duties. On the other hand, you can bet on your charm to find love or your soulmate, or get on board with your partner. Around the 24th, you are brilliant and irresistible. You know what to say to be followed without resistance.

3rd decan (July 13th-July 22nd) High Stakes!

Don't get into a family argument at the beginning of the month, at the risk of blocking exchanges. However, on the 12th, a powerful economic situation helps you develop your relationship with others in a constructive way. It is the opportunity to close ranks! Your charm helps you change things, get closer to your partner, or separate, but amicably.

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The month has some nice surprises in store for you and allows you to exercise your charm, rekindle the flame, or wreak havoc. Don't take advantage of this opportunity to put pressure on others.

Cancer: The thread of the month for November 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, the beginning of a controversial month? You don't give in to head-on opposition that forces you to wait. But hold your horses and don't go into battle. Otherwise, it's at your own risk. The 3rd, if you have debates or discussions that stall, you can hope that they start again from today. The 6th, lower your voice as a family so that you don't hit a wall and reinforce the points of fracture.

The Second Week,

The 9th, you feel it is your right to impose your methods at work, but not at home, where it is moderately appreciated that you make the law. The 10th, count on your talents to hit the mark in love. You can embark on a journey with your partner or crush. On the social level, you can reach an ideal, realize a dream, and broaden your horizons. The 12th, whether it's a love or business contract, you're taking a step forward. A robust economic climate favours passionate commitments and the significant transformations you hope for. It's the endpoint of a slow but radical metamorphosis. The 14th, since June, you have been mobilizing to change your situation, and since September, you have been controlling your impatience to give time for change to take place. Rely on your ability to seduce to rally the votes. The 15th, you are making an impact on people's minds and hearts with your exciting commitments. The New Moon invites you to seduce and make the most of your talents. A perfect day to shine in love or business. But, as a family, don't abuse your power to put pressure, even gently.

The Third Week,

The 16th, your benevolence helps you maintain family harmony but don't try to sneak in what you will be refused if you ask for it in force. You risk hitting a wall. The 17th, innovative projects and plans exalt you, but do not please those who find that you are overdoing it. Take a step towards the other and reduce your demands. The 19th, your grace and your talents allow you to remove obstacles in your relationships that were hindering you. But don't manipulate those around you who won't let themselves be manipulated.

The Fourth Week,

The 24th, your eloquence allows you to be unanimous in love and social matters. You push back the boundaries of the possible. You reach an ideal with your fingertips and your heart. The 27th, you knock down what prevented you from convincing a community that was blocking your emotional or social ambitions but don't use your charms to impose a project that is considered risky. The 29th, communication is fluid. The current is flowing between you, your partner, and the others. An ideal day to sign a marriage or business contract? The 30th, the Full Moon invites you to take a step back from recent events, assess their significance, and rest after a hectic month.

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