Libra's horoscope for May 2023

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for May 2023

You mobilize your strengths to follow the accelerating change. You will impose yourself and open up the future according to your plans. If some turmoil destabilizes your emotional life, manage the events gently, so they do not degenerate into open conflict.

Libra: Mood for May 2023

You're stressed by the unpredictability of events that follow one another and put pressure on you. You understand that metamorphosis is underway, but you are not in control. Fortunately, you can count on your growing popularity to keep you smiling.

Libra: Love for May 2023

Dazzling realizations allow you to evolve your exchanges, and unexpected events transform your environment. Your charm helps you launch the changes you wish to make in your private and public life.

In a Relationship: Uranus pushes you to break with the past, and a way of working that has had its day. Count on Venus to gently convey your messages.

Single: Uranus exalts your sensuality and makes you want to experience something different. Count on Venus to trigger a love affair or to shine in society.

Libra: Money for May 2023

Uranus may expose you to sudden losses or unexpected returns. But your charisma at least brings you to support, and you use your influence to make a mark.

Libra: Work for May 2023

Uranus is pushing you to change the rules of the game, to renew yourself unless this pressure comes from outside and pushes you to reinvent yourself. Your charm is in your favour.

Libra: Leisure for May 2023

You are tempted by activities that are out of the ordinary. Unless you opt for outings that allow you to improve your social representation.

Libra: Key dates for May 2023

-The 5th: Your emotional ties are evolving in the right direction, and some recent encounters are exhilarating. This is the ideal time to get on board with the other person, close ranks, commit, and have a good time together.

-The 13th: You will temper the rigour imposed on you by a demanding daily routine by using your charm to smooth out the edges and manage the housekeeping smoothly.

-The 15th: The community appreciates your energy and service. Negotiations that have been dragging on are resumed more actively.

-The 18th: avoid any kind of forceful approach that could backfire. Opt for the soft method rather than the hard way in love or elsewhere.

-The 23rd: don't pressure those with power or money to finance your projects. You may hit a wall and end the day disappointed and frustrated.

Libra: Advice for May 2023

If you sometimes feel blocked by a sky that urges you to change, you manage the unexpected without losing your charming smile. Ideal for keeping you on course.

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