Leo's horoscope May for 2022

Written by Daisy

The month of May offers you some pleasant surprises but also some small difficulties. Tensions appear in your relationships from the second week, instead of containing you, you explode. You face delays of all kinds, you do not move forward, you waste time unnecessarily and you do not support it, your loved ones pay for it. During this period, your activities and your love life slow down. Before seeing a positive evolution of your situation, it will be necessary to wait until the 22nd, it is painful, but you need more to destabilize you. You continue your journey without changing anything in your projects. At the end of the month, it's calmer, the discomforts disappear, it allows you to breathe and relax.

Love in General:

As a good native, the Lion needs to vibrate, to have fun and to feel alive; suddenly, you take advantage of all the opportunities. From the moment you manage to distract yourself and evacuate your stress, everything is fine. This spring season makes you want to get out of the routine. As a couple or single you seduce.

In a relationship:

You need to get out of your routine and your daily grind, otherwise you choke. You exploit new tracks, activities, hobbies or others; your partner adheres to your choices. Your occupations take you half of your time. You make the most of this sweet time to combine business with pleasure.


Single Cher, in this lovely month of May they serve you on a silver platter of real opportunities for meeting, however, you must wait until the 20th. Then you have the choice of the king, life is beautiful. It has been a long time since you have felt so happy.

Career / Finance:

It is not with some reluctance that you are attacking this month of May. However, as of the 3rd, something for the best will be announced. Luck begins to smile at you. Hold on until the 11th which announces the arrival of your friend Jupiter in Aries. Thanks to these good waves, the wheel starts to turn in your favor. It's confirmed at the end of the month, with Mars coming in as a backup. Leo! If you have been asking for change for months, be reassured! Your wish has come true this month! On the financial side, its stability and evolution depend on the choices you make. So, before you start, listen to your intuition and also, be pragmatic even if you find it boring.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

At the beginning of the month concerns and some tensions make the atmosphere is electric, you have trouble staying calm; fortunately a beneficial evolution is present around the 20th. Keep your optimism, the difficulties make you stronger.


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