Leo's horoscope for May 2022

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for May 2022

You are working to change your situation on an emotional or professional level. You are mobilizing to clarify a problem, and you are using strategy to achieve this. Count on Venus to give meaning to your relationships and raise the level of debate. Rely on Jupiter (on the 10th) to broaden your horizons.

Leo: Mood for May 2022

A charmer, a skilled negotiator, an idealist, and ready to lift mountains, nothing stops you from doing what you like. Take advantage of this opportunity to evolve professionally and to make everyone happy. If Venus exalts your desires for greatness, Mars endows you with stubbornness and tenacity without fail. This combination allows you to make an impression. Your feelings help you to make your destiny evolve in the right direction. Count on your strength to move forward, to go ahead, without harboring any nostalgia.

Leo: Love for May 2022

Venus allows you to envisage a future with the other person (or your loved ones) that you are delighted with. You will exchange ardently on the subject. On the 10th, Jupiter will confirm and favor your impulses and offer you the possibility of realizing your projects. You are mobilized on the social field, where you multiply your initiatives to change things. However, count on Venus to breathe into your love life, for you are not content with little. Rather greedy and magnetic, you are surfing on powerful energies of transformation to change things daily and consistently improve the ordinary. Venus invites you to raise your level of requirement in love.

Leo: Money for May 2022

If your ambitions are financial, you will effectively plead your case. Count on Jupiter to effectively approach your hierarchy and get what you covet. You aspire to improve your status and specific duties that you seek to lighten. Money is not the main driving force behind your actions or negotiations concerning a contract. Whether you're arguing about a return on investment, a loan, debts, or an inheritance, you have a keen sense of how to steer exchanges to your advantage.

Leo: Work for May 2022

You assert your ambitions, your charm helps you to influence debates, and on the 10th, the way is wide open. Determined to have more freedom of movement at work or change your society, your life and actions come from your thirst for change and desire to act in this direction. You no longer want to live under the tutelage of conditionings that are now part of the past. You aspire to renew a daily routine that has run its course. Rely on powerful energies to accelerate or even bring about the metamorphosis.

Leo: Leisure for May 2022

If you feel like exploring wide open spaces and taking on significant challenges, Mars stimulates your taste for secrecy and the occult. It pushes you to explore unknown grounds, do not hesitate to launch inquiries and investigations. Unless the warrior planet is simply boosting your thirst for conquest? You could see new aspirations emerge. Listen to your desires, even (and especially) if they differ from those of the past.

Leo: Key dates for May 2022

-On the 3rd, opportunities to break with routine present themselves. Events favor positive transformations and developments. Seize them with all your might.
-On the 4th, there is tremendous energy to change things and free yourself from the conditioning that has run its course. Go for it.
-On the 18th, your destiny is moving in a direction in line with your expectations.
-On the 22nd, change is on the way, with no question of putting on the brakes.
-On the 29th, nothing and no one will stop you from achieving your ambitions.

Leo: Advice for May 2022

May favors your expansion which affects all areas of your life. Take advantage of these favorable winds to do what you like. To make the most of the energies that drive you, mobilize yourself to transform what needs to be changed in the professional field you have long aspired to evolve. Amid a metamorphosis, it's in your best interest to accompany and even reinforce the movement of change. You are pushing back previous limits that were keeping you grounded.

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