Gemini's horoscope for May 2022

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for May 2022

Active on the professional front, you won't encounter too many obstacles on your way. Count on Venus to warm up the atmosphere and get your messages across as smoothly as possible. You will rally the support of your family, friends, and various interlocutors around a project that you have in mind or in your heart.

Gemini: Mood for May 2022

The cosmic situation favors your projects. You believe in yourself and receive help from a benevolent entourage that grants you its confidence. You have neither the time nor the inclination to dawdle. Still, you will relax when Venus connects you to a circle of friends and followers who will take your mind off things and put a smile on your face. Concentrated on your tasks, closely concerned with the mission you have assigned yourself, you will not look up from your work until the 20th. Then Venus lightens the mood and invites you to relax.

Gemini: Love for May 2022

You are in a friendly relationship with those around you, and you can count on Venus to bring you closer to those you love through a project that concerns them closely. From the 10th, the future begins to open up, and you start a new expansion cycle. A first fortnight where you are too held up at work by pressing matters. You have little time to devote to your love life, which will only take on new life on the 11th when Venus brings you closer to those you love and who will return the favor. If you have just been given an opportunity for personal or professional fulfillment. In that case, your destiny continues to evolve and, driven by an unshakeable determination to seize your chance, you feel little concern for other quests.

Gemini: Money for May 2022

If you need money to set up and carry out your projects, you will communicate on the subject. Rely on your charisma and enthusiasm to unite people around you and to ask for (and get) money. You seek to assert your ambitions, impose your directives, and even defend your interests of a financial nature. You do not hesitate to go to the mat to get your way. However, you seem to be more concerned with an ideal to defend than with hitting the jackpot. Unless, of course, you need money to fulfill your mission.

Gemini: Work for May 2022

Jupiter encourages and supports your projects. This is the time to take the plunge, to try your luck, to do everything possible to make your dreams come true. On the 20th, the Sun pushes you to take the initiative. Mars endows you with unstoppable energy at the end of the month, urging you to act, but not without learning from the past. To avoid being overwhelmed by unforeseen elements, you should be on the lookout for possible pitfalls so that you can work with confidence. You have no trouble changing things as you hoped. Mobilize yourself to make the most of a situation that connects you with an ideal. You can count on an unparalleled striking force to further accelerate the movement of change.

Gemini: Leisure for May 2022

You don't shy away from going out with friends to talk about important projects. Do not hesitate to do what you like, well surrounded. You find the taste to share (with your friends, your relatives) activities to practice together or simply take good time in excellent company (restaurant, cinema). Exalted by a goal that inspires you, you hardly think of moving away from it until the 20th. Then you have the desire to see your friends again and get closer to those you love.

Gemini: Key dates for May 2022

-On the 3rd, incredible transformations definitely change the course of your destiny.
-On the 4th, you defend your interests with determination. Connect with some good inner voices.
-On the 18th, nothing can stop you. An idealistic spirit animates you and urges you to conquer your ideal.
-On the 22nd, you accelerate the movement of change.
-On the 29th, you mobilize to rally support and convince those around you to believe and follow you.

Gemini: Advice for May 2022

You feel carried along by a wind blowing in the right direction and putting your projects on the right track. Go along with it by redoubling your zeal, confidence, and enthusiasm. Do you have work to do until the 11th? In that case, there's nothing to stop you from relaxing afterward with a getaway with friends or a romantic dinner. You can achieve your goals and even an ideal. To further optimize your chances, don't slow down. Work hard and then let go.

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