Taurus's horoscope for May 2021

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for May 2021

After a difficult start to the year, you are enjoying a period favourable to your fulfillment, and you are tasting the pleasures of life. From the 9th, you become more greedy and aspire to fulfill your desires without delay. Jupiter favours projects that are precious to you, but you act without sufficient regard for your means with greed at your side. Your charm affects your loved ones, friends and lovers, and you present your life plans with ardour and eloquence. But avoid making a big deal of it and don't be too demanding. Whatever the case, your fierce desire to get results will help you achieve them at the end of the month.

Taurus: Mood for May 2021

Your work gets on your nerves at the beginning of the month. Still, you manage to openly express your desire to free yourself from rules, or even relationships, that get in the way of your personal growth. You can count on Venus to put a smile on your face and offer you a more open, cheerful and enjoyable version of life. However, you will have to deal with certain limitations that will encourage you to remain reasonable without really frustrating you. The balance will not be too difficult to find.

Taurus: Love for May 2021

You are radiant. You have every chance of making an excellent impression on the world around you. Take advantage of the presence of Venus in your sign to seduce and enchant your partner or someone you like. From the 9th, Venus reinforces your appetites. Whether it is to express your sensual desires or your greed openly, you benefit from a magnetism likely to turn heads and events to your advantage. But you must be aware of a tendency to see life as rosy and to believe that your resources are inexhaustible. This behaviour is likely to lead you astray from your goals. Excessive optimism could lead to some setbacks but will not prevent you from achieving an ideal.

Taurus: Money for May 2021

May will be a good month for your material development if you do not abuse your power, charm, gratification, and thirst for success. Otherwise, you risk damaging your credibility and finances. You aspire to make a dream come true, push back the boundaries of what is possible, and assert your ambitions. But whether it is a question of spending or investment, take care to ensure that you are watching your back and not exceeding your budget.

Taurus: Work for May 2021

Jupiter is taking over the area of your chart dedicated to your future prospects, and you are beginning to glimpse a future in line with your aspirations. You dream of freely pursuing your social evolution and of finally reaping the rewards of your hard work and resilience in the face of trials and challenges. You will undoubtedly be irritated by unavoidable setbacks at the beginning of the month, but be patient: your determination will pay off because you will not give up on freeing yourself from the past conditioning that is holding back your creativity. Do not hesitate to put forward your talents to relax certain limits and lighten the responsibilities that weigh you down at work.

Taurus: Leisure for May 2021

From the 13th onwards, Jupiter brings you a lot of energy to use in various activities, and why not, unusual ones! It's an excellent month to go for a walk and discover the joys of hiking or even camping. It is also the occasion to familiarize yourself with fishing or bocce. For the more courageous, bike rides or gardening, in short, anything that happens outside will do you a lot of good. Leave your screens, give up rich meals and take care of your body. It will thank you this summer.

Taurus: Key dates for May 2021

- Sunday, May 2nd, you will enchant your interlocutors and persuade them to believe you and follow you.

- Tuesday, May 11th, the New Moon puts you in the spotlight, and you assert yourself to the world.

- Monday, May 17th, you claim your rights to expand your horizons with every chance of success.

- Thursday, May 20th, your talents allow you to show your hierarchy your ability to assume specific responsibilities. Take advantage of this to turn a situation to your advantage.

- Wednesday, May 26th, the Full Moon recommends that you keep a close eye on your spending.

Taurus: Advice for May 2021

You are overflowing with charm, and you have an irresistible urge to indulge your desires but do not go overboard. It is hard to see what could prevent you from moving forward in May. You have determination and drive. Use it creatively and constructively. Perhaps taking care not to overestimate your possibilities (especially financially).

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