Capricorn's horoscope for May 2021

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for May 2021

Your appetite for life is considerably restricted, frustrated by a situation that hardly supports you at the beginning of the month. You will not let yourself be discouraged, and you will mobilize yourself to inject energy into your relationships and activities. You even dare a note of fantasy, of freedom that you miss so much. If you are aware of your daily initiatives' impact, you are right to defend your choices and values. From the 17th onwards, Venus helps you manage your finances smoothly. You take care of everyone. You tend to relax certain financial constraints that prevent you from blossoming as you had hoped.

Capricorn: Mood for May 2021

You're willing to manage your personal life and interactions with your whole heart. You want everyone to feel recognized and considered. From the 13th, Jupiter encourages you to close ranks and warm up the atmosphere with those around you in better, more open communication. You feel like expanding your circle, meeting new people and enriching your address book. All these good dispositions strengthen your morale and enhance your daily life but do not abuse this possible feeling of euphoria and do not lose sight of certain realities of everyday life.

Capricorn: Love for May 2021

At the beginning of the month, Venus will endow you with a great power of seduction. You will attract and hold the attention of the one you love, or you will make a decisive encounter. From the 9th onwards, you are eager to serve the common cause, and you spend your energy to improve the ordinary and increase the well-being of those you love and care for. This beautiful benevolence allows you to manage stewardship by aiming at the collective interest. But you lack neither eloquence nor charm to make your partner want to get on board with you. Your magnetism allows you to experience intense moments in love.

Capricorn: Money for May 2021

Don't spend too much just to please yourself. You have to deal with restrictions that frustrate you but don't discourage you for long. You will plead your case for more leeway, a raise or a bonus that you openly demand could be granted to you. Rely on your good sense and happy collaborations to lift the barriers and finish the month, free in your movements without being too restricted by material obstacles.

Capricorn: Work for May 2021

You work with a good heart and show a genuine willingness to serve the common cause. This attitude contributes to making you appreciated by your teams, colleagues, and hierarchy. From the 13th onwards, Jupiter helps you extend your influence and make enriching encounters, even decisive for your future. Take advantage of this planet's expansive nature to broaden your knowledge through training or, if you have the inclination to teach and pass on knowledge: this is the time to get started. Be careful, though, because you tend to see only the good side of things and do not always consider the daily tasks you are hovering over in May...

Capricorn: Leisure for May 2021

You are in good shape and in a good mood. You naturally tend to be interested in many fields, like other cultures or dreaming of new horizons. This is an excellent month to prepare for your future vacations and study closely what the situation can offer you: freedom of movement and discovery. You'll be surfing the web to find good deals. You will also want to maintain your relationships and friendships. Walks and picnics will provide opportunities to relax in good company. You will also resume sustained physical activities, which will do you a world of good.

Capricorn: Key dates for May 2021

- Thursday, May 6th, your charm allows you to direct your private life according to your desires.

- Tuesday, May 11th, the New Moon reinforces your brilliance. You feel like loving and being loved, you take great pleasure in getting out of your den, and you seduce everyone.

- Monday, May 17th, your emotional life evolves in harmony with the work done from within. You are happy with yourself and the path you have taken.

- Wednesday, May 26th, the Full Moon invites you to take a step back, to take advantage of this temporary standby to recharge your batteries and sort out what is necessary and what is superfluous.

- Saturday, May 29th, if multiple small obstacles appear on your way, take your pain patiently because the situation will be unblocked from June 22nd.

Capricorn: Advice for May 2021

You have apparent abilities to exploit, but don't overestimate your powers to avoid frustration or disappointment. Love and care for others are central to this lovely month of May, which holds excellent moments for you as long as you stay in touch with reality.

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