Aries's horoscope for May 2021

Written by Daisy

Aries: Astral Climate for May 2021

In May, you tend to do what you like, and this is not necessarily a good thing because what you desire quickly becomes impulsive and excessive. The planetary climate pushes you to step out of the box, do as you please, and take ill-considered risks for results that may not be up to the mark. Fortunately, you can count on Saturn to slow you down and block you if you insist on going down the wrong path. But you might as well put your best foot forward to avoid frustration and decide yourself to limit your desires. You have so much better things to do with your inexhaustible energy!

Aries: Mood for May 2021

You are relatively stable this month, even if after the 4th. Mercury encourages you to move and communicate. You feel lighter and open. The world seems less fixed and more interesting. You will take great pleasure in exchanging with all kinds of people in various circles. You will get as much information as personal satisfaction from these meetings. After the 8th, Venus enters Gemini, giving you the desire to love and express your feelings. But whether it is about feelings, money, or exchanges, you will have to be careful to limit your excessive side. It could be detrimental to you in one field or another.

Aries: Love for May 2021

You are greedy, eager for affection and attention at the beginning of the month. Still, you communicate more harmoniously from the 9th. Venus helps you pass your messages smoothly and tempers your sudden authority, which manifests itself in the family as you cannot stand any contradiction. Your undeniable charm allows you to influence your partner but do not abuse it, at the risk of confusing the frequency in love. The month of May will enable you to direct your love life as you see fit. Just be sure to say things clearly.

Aries: Money for May 2021

A little frustration to start the month. You lack resources to carry out a project. Still, your determination will eventually convince your partners to believe you and follow you when they are sure of your plans' reliability. Your eloquence will be a precious help. You can count on Venus to communicate constructively with your financial partners. From the 13th, Jupiter helps you refine your plans and strategies before a new cycle begins. Take advantage of your ability to make yourself understood by those you expect to act, inform them without worrying them, and finally win them over to your cause.

Aries: Work for May 2021

You are in a phase of preparation. You are gathering your ideas, strengths, and means to root your plans and launch into the adventure to open a new chapter in your socio-professional life. In the meantime, you will analyze your dreams and avoid communicating too much on the subject. The less you say, the more likely it is that the steps you take behind the scenes will succeed. At times you may feel that your projects are at a standstill and that you are being told no to everything. But you combine will, nerve, and eloquence, and this combination should work. Your charm will eventually break down the obstacles, reluctance, and resistance that are holding you back.

Aries: Leisure for May 2021

In May, you have a lot of energy to spend, if possible, in a positive way. Choose endurance exercises in preference to short and intense exploits: you must learn to hold out over time, better manage your reserves, and avoid excess. Long-distance running is preferable to sprinting, but the most important thing is getting some fresh air, moving around, and communicating. If team sports are not possible, you can still go for a run in good company or decide to go for a long walk with your family. At home, activities with your loved ones are also a great way to prevent boredom or lassitude.

Aries: Key dates for May 2021

- Monday, May 3rd, your greed generates resistance. Show yourself more seriously so that someone will finance your projects.

- Saturday, May 8th, don't overdo it and don't ask for too much if you hope for rewarding exchanges.

- Thursday, May 13th, you will draw on your intuitive resources to begin work or to consolidate a project. Jupiter helps you refine strategies that will bear fruit next year.

- Sunday, May 23rd, do not ask for too much at the risk of generating misunderstandings that will not play in your favour.

- Saturday, May 29th, the debates get bogged down? Wait until the end of June to get them going again.

Aries: Advice for May 2021

The best way to strengthen your popularity in May is to consult those around you before doing anything you like and be careful about clearly communicating your intentions.

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