Aquarius's horoscope for May 2021

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for May 2021

You are anxious to establish healthy and constructive exchanges with everyone. You take care of your loved ones' well-being. You will be more delicate and zealous in your efforts to keep everyone happy. But do not overdo it: do not forget that you will have to keep your promises afterwards. You are in a joyful and optimistic mood, and you may err on the side of excess at the end of the month. But this does not prevent you from shining and seducing. You could even throw a little smoke and mirrors to maintain the magic. You need to get back to managing your finances more realistically so that this good mood lasts.

Aquarius: Mood for May 2021

You're focused on your family and trying to maintain or restore harmony at home. From the 9th on, you will suddenly be more concerned with having a good time. Your increased sensuality and desire to have a good time will raise the temperature. You will also persevere in your quest for independence and autonomy. Within the family, you will no longer bear certain stifling and energy-consuming constraints. You must use your energy to make progress, not to commit excess detrimental to your balance. Spend your resources wisely, and your initiatives will remain effective without draining you of all your strength.

Aquarius: Love for May 2021

Venus exalts your desires and appetites for pleasure. Jupiter, from the 13th, provides you with the means to realize your aspirations, even if the beginning of the month is a bit icy. You are approaching the month of May with a bit of gloom. Still, you are doing what is necessary to improve the atmosphere and free yourself from constraints that restrict your freedom and prevent you from living as you wish. You find good arguments to defend your cause, and you manage to make yourself understood by those you love. Count on Venus (between the 17th and 25th) to attract attention and seduce, reconnect with a certain lightness and win success in love and elsewhere.

Aquarius: Money for May 2021

Jupiter has helped you consolidate your finances. In May, it is now a matter of managing your assets without giving in to the temptation of believing them inexhaustible. This month you should avoid any unnecessary expenditure that you may regret later. Increased means and income will allow you to spend more and spoil yourself. But this is no reason to throw money down the drain. If your resources grow, your thirst for material or sensual pleasures could push you over the edge.

Aquarius: Work for May 2021

Venus exalts your creativity between the 9th and the 17th. Jupiter reinforces your talents and encourages you to develop your potential from the 13th. You will use your abilities better, and you may even hope for a pay rise! In any case, your talents and merits are recognized, and you become a valuable member of your team. This is an appreciable enhancement, but do not think you have arrived or are untouchable, at the risk of being found too greedy or arrogant. You expend a lot of energy to evolve independently of others. If you are a self-employed person or if you want to set up your own business, this is the time! From the 17th onwards, Venus favours your promotion and the development of your talents. You favour serious commitments, and your choices are in harmony with your values: you do not want to serve a cause that no longer corresponds to you.

Aquarius: Leisure for May 2021

Until the 13th, Jupiter will nourish your enthusiasm, exalt your energies, and invite you to expend your energy with pleasure. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to relaxing. Sports will always do you a world of good! Apart from physical exercise, you can also get closer to cultural life: in real life or online, you will visit unusual places, listen to new music, and take an interest in the latest favourites on social networks. Everything interests you, and you share your discoveries with pleasure. This is an excellent month to keep yourself in shape, as long as you don't go overboard (physically or financially).

Aquarius: Key dates for May 2021

- Monday, May 3rd, be aware of excess before you've spent all your money. The current is not going well with your loved ones, and you will not give up on the essentials. Beware of the polar cold that could result from this.

- Saturday, May 8th, you are optimistic and generous, but not very concerned about tomorrow! Do not give your love indiscriminately and spoil only those who are really worth it.

- Tuesday, May 11th, the New Moon invites you to pay attention to your loved ones and, more broadly, to your family.

- Thursday, May 20th, rely on your charm to establish or maintain quality emotional ties.

- Saturday, May 29th, your attempts at seduction must take time. It is only from June 22nd onwards that you will conclude a relationship.

Aquarius: Advice for May 2021

The sky is the limit when it comes to love. Rely on your charm and goodwill to enjoy a fulfilling spring in May. You are asserting your power and proving that you are capable of assuming your responsibilities. The only pitfall you may need to avoid is a tendency to overestimate your abilities. You need to discipline yourself to impress everyone without irritating anyone. It's up to you.

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