Pisces's horoscope for May 2020

Written by Daisy

In May, you can't do what you want. You have to think about the depth of your attachments and commitments, whether professional or private. Especially from the 13th: some backtracking is necessary to get a clear idea of what you want and what you can do. A proper evaluation will help you make important decisions with confidence. In short, the month of May is not as light as we would like, but it's conducive to your development if you agree to play the game. Think about it.

Pisces: Love horoscope for May 2020

Love: Full of Goodwill!

Communication is in the spotlight until the 20th. The Sun helps you to shed light on the relationships you have with your loved ones. Count on Venus to harmonize your ties and bring peace to the home. You want to change the decor, move, or revamp your apartment. In May, you are looking to improve your living conditions and those around you appreciate it, Pisces.

1st decan (February 19th - February 29th): Make an Effort!

The debates are a bit explosive, and your speech shakes everyone up at the beginning of the month. But Saturn brings order, calms things down, and promotes more mature exchanges. Agree to look back on the past to learn valuable lessons and identify where the problems are coming from so you can take responsibility. Communication relieves tension and puts you in sync with those around you. At the end of the month, you reconnect with a more free and personal expression

2nd decan (March 1st- March 10th): Opt for the Gentle Method!

The current goes well at the beginning of the month. You have no trouble making yourself heard and understood. Count on Venus to distil delicate attention and tender words that unite the clan and make everyday life pleasant. From the 13th, problems force you to clean up your act. It must be approached gently so that it does not compromise harmony. Small differences will be resolved by July.

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): Okay to Dream! But Stay Awake!

You want to please everyone, but don't overestimate your means. Do not make a promise that you cannot keep. You can, however, convince those around you to believe in you and your exciting projects if you keep your feet on the ground.

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Pisces: The thread of the month for May 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, you are tempted to be even more daring, but you have to accept that not everyone agrees with you. The 4th, avoid convincing your loved ones to follow you in your delusions so that they continue to believe in you. Bet on dialogue to mark minds. The 7th, you manage to embark with who you love in your dreams. The Full Moon invites you to broaden your horizons, without falling into fantasy. The 9th, you transform your existence and open your future differently. Bet on your eloquence to arouse the curiosity of certain interlocutors. The 10th, a great day to undertake and transmit a communicative enthusiasm.

The Second Week,

The 11th, watch out for the misunderstandings that cause avoidable conflicts if you don't lower your tone. The 12th, Saturn invites you to think before you speak. Take into account the lessons from the past that will allow you to act wisely. The 15th, you communicate with maturity and talent on projects that will transform your existence, and you prove yourself convincing. Continue this momentum. The 17th, you reach your goal, and you get the support you expected to achieve your dreams.

The Third Week,

The 20th, do not believe in miracles too much to maintain your support and not worry anyone. The 22nd, mobilize your energy to please those around you and manage the stewardship by building on your past experiences. The new Moon invites you to do your utmost to ensure harmony reigns at home.

The Fourth Week,

The 25th, the month ends in a rush. You impose an originality that makes a difference.

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