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Sunday, August the 9th
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Gemini's horoscope for May 2019

  Written by Daisy

Love: A Period of Transition
During the first fortnight, you work on tender projects and you can count on your entourage to try and achieve your dreams even in the face of some restraints. From the 15th, reflection is necessary. Venus encourages awareness and focus, you envision your past to learn valuable lessons. This is the perfect time to act and express your feelings, without being overwhelmed by your emotions. Take advantage of this time to identify what you want now. Soon, Friend Gemini, you will be able to start a new, knowledgeable cycle of expansion.

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): Take Stock and Review
In May, you are a little jostled by a sudden awakening. It's a month when revelations, flashes or intuitions will often short-circuit your inner peace. From the 15th, Venus could connect you with memories, regrets, and past events that could have you defending what matters to you. You want to illuminate the past and reconnect with some chapters that still influence your life today. You want to settle accounts or finish some episodes that still disturb your emotional relationships.

In a Relationship, you are forced to look into the past, elements of your emotional life re-emerge and excite your sensitivity. It's up to you to apprehend them serenely to make the most of them and to make things happen in love or with your family. There is work to do on yourself, in order to clarify pages of your story that continue to darken the picture a little bit.

Single, you are exposed to the same problems that couples face. There is no way to escape certain memories, they need to be taken into account so that you can get rid of them. But you must also integrate the lessons of your life, so as not to repeat the same mistakes and soon start a new emotional cycle in full possession of your means.

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th): The Mind and the Heart a Little Elsewhere
Until the 7th, you envision your emotional future under better auspices. Supported by your loved ones, you make beautiful projects even if a professional mission holds most of your attention. You are mobilized by goals that go beyond your personal interest and you have good intuitions to serve the common cause rather than to enrich your emotional life, even if one does not prevent the other.

In a Relationship, If you want to improve your love life and contribute to the happiness of your loved ones then you also feel more concerned about larger plans that require you to leave your personal interests behind. Nobody should complain as your ideals are unanimous and your dedication arouses the admiration of those around you.

Single, in May, you are not fully available to search for a soulmate. You want to invest in a project that requires your inspiration and your commitment and you focus your attention on certain intuitions that can enlighten and serve your purpose. You will not have much time in May to seduce, but one thing remains certain: one way or another, you will do what you like.

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th): To Make Do With (or Rather Without ...)!
Venus invites you to do projects until the 15th but does not necessarily guarantee that you to have the means. There could be some moments of annoyance or frustration towards the 7th because you will have to temporarily put your dreams on hold. If you have the support of your partner in your initiatives, try to calm your enthusiasm to stay ahead and realize some of your plans.

In a Relationship, if you agree to take into account your means and limitations, you can make your love plans come true and make your loved ones happy. As of the 25th, Saturn moves away and will no longer aspect your decan. You will then have more freedom to open the future without necessarily being constantly restrained by this austere planet.
Single, you are overflowing with charm, you bring friends and acquaintances together around you and you can seduce someone you like. But Saturn limits your powers and your means. Do not rebel, do not try to force things, be patient while waiting for it to pass and let Saturn leave you alone from the 25th).

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

May is more reflective than emotional? So, take this opportunity to solve the problems that drag on, take stock of your love life to return to it soon, determined to enjoy everything without hindrance.

Over the month of for May 2019 for the star sign for Gemini:

The First Week,
The 1st, - you do not lack audacity or energy to carry out your projects. Just maybe a little consideration for those who hold the purse strings and who could tighten them today if they find that you ask a lot and maybe too much for their liking. Play the most smoothly and strategically possible if you wish to get what you want in the end.
The 3rd, you do not lack any support or friends who are ready to cooperate with you. So take into account that to succeed in winning the game, it will be better to cooperate than to demand.
The 4th, the new moon invites you to withdraw from the game for a moment to look back on the past and learn the edifying lessons. Then do not be begged to consider what you have done right and wrong.
The 5th, do not abuse either your authority or your energy, which is currently very powerful to force anyone's hand at the risk of displeasing and being seen as a tyrant.
The 7th, it is by gently managing everyone's moods (and yours) that you will succeed at confronting the adversity today and perhaps admitting that you do not have all the powers and even less all the rights.
The 8th, 1st decan, flashing intuitions and insights that move you deeply. Eventually, take everything into account so as not to commit the same mistakes in the future whether in love or elsewhere.
The 9th, 2nd decan, you currently have hidden resources and an outstanding flair that may well guide you to the summits or at least to achieve some goals more or less disinterested. 3rd decan, bet on your charm today to win the vote but not to try and manipulate those who hold the power and/or the money.
The 11th, it is by contending with certain limits that for the moment are impassable that you will be able to hope to exceed them one day... and to convince your interlocutors to grant you what you need to advance and succeed.

The Second Week
The 14th, today you act by taking a step back and then with circumspection. Enough to influence those you need to succeed more positively. Your projects are appealing and your entourage is willing to help you today (to finance you?).
The 16th, deep thoughts that bear their fruits and allow you to serve a cause beyond you. Bet on your inner world (2nd decan) to carry out an ideal. 3rd decan, it is by advancing slowly but surely that you will best succeed at marking minds and scoring points.
The 18th, 1st decan, an ex could reappear, emotions and memories resurge, and intuitions and an awakening that jostles you? Try to make the most of it by learning the most valuable lessons for the present and the future. The full moon invites you all to work for the community, to roll up your sleeves but also to take care of maintaining your mental and physical balance.

The Third Week
The 21st, you master your interventions and a communication that should help to make an impression and serve your interests (1st decan).
The 22nd, offensive and effective, you know how to use your flair and your feelings to defend your interests and to try to obtain what you want today.

The Fourth Week
The 30th, 2nd decan, you currently benefit from an inspiration that pushes you to serve a cause that is beyond you, to invest in a vocation (humanitarian, religious, spiritual) that could show you to be convincing today and win the vote thanks to your obvious selflessness. However, be careful not to say too much if you want to be followed. It would be better for the others to have the impression of making their choice spontaneously than under the pressure of your arguments even if they are legitimate.
The 31st, it is by preaching with conviction to your parish but without ostentation that you will best succeed today at motivating your troops and especially your potential investors.

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#display_sign_short#'s horoscope for May 2019 - 3 comments
(last message on the 06/05/2019 am31 11:36)

I like it I don't like it
Cancer Olives, sign for Cancer
Posted the 06/05/2019 at 11:36
Awwwe and what is the young Lad's name?
I like it I don't like it
Gemini Hammermandeuteriusbruiser, sign for Gemini
Posted the 05/05/2019 at 04:53
Have a wonderful day I'm going to see my grandson cause he loves his papa.
I like it I don't like it
Gemini niniza, sign for Gemini
Posted the 30/04/2019 at 04:28
lm ' happy to get angel in my live. happy with happiness in my live l pray for my things' lm' always happy l see things' is coming good and my heart is happy lm' read to won one of my lotto.thanks angel
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