Gemini's horoscope for March 2023

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for March 2023

Whatever your efforts, Saturn is waiting for you to turn the corner. If you have been on the right path, you are rewarded for your commitment. If you have not always been honest, the day-to-day is easier. In the meantime, you are mobilized to achieve your ambitions.

Gemini: Mood for March 2023

Galvanized by Jupiter, you take advantage of this celestial energy to succeed in love and business. Connected to your inner world, you are guided, inspired and receive the right information to act wisely.

Gemini: Love for March 2023

Venus invites you to make tender plans: conceive a child and unite. Your aspirations are supported by the situation and those you love.

In a Relationship : Venus allows you to blossom in happy circumstances. Your friends and loved ones are very caring. You take the time to understand the events.

Single: :t the beginning of the month, launch yourself into the adventure. If you like someone, you declare yourself. You are in an atmosphere that is conducive to collaboration and fun. You will have time to think later.

Gemini: Money for March 2023

Do you need funds for your projects? You are supported by those who are watching you and want to follow you on the adventure.

Gemini: Work for March 2023

Now is not the time to rest; you must act, lay the foundations, and finalize a project you like. You have the support of your colleagues, your superiors, the public or a clientele that likes your bright ideas and good plans. Stay tuned to your good intuitions.

Gemini: Leisure for March 2023

Don't stay at home. Go out with friends, lovers or family. You are fond of social contacts, reinforcing your self-confidence and credit with those who admire you.

Gemini: Key dates for March 2023

- The 2nd: Your plans are evolving, and you are fulfilled. Whether it's a child to come, a happy move, or another exciting project, you are triumphant.
- The 11th: You are redoubling your efforts to bring a project close to your heart to fruition. You present original ideas in their best light, which surprises you as much as they convince.
- The 15th: beware of misunderstandings if you display a stubbornness that does not please your hierarchy. Beware of damaging misunderstandings.
- The 19th: You can change things by conducting constructive negotiations that respect both parties. Consider how far you've come and what you've learned from your experiences to positively guide the discussions.
- The 30th: you decide that those in charge will give you what you want. Some of you may renew your acquaintance with an ex or experience a surprising or upsetting event.

Gemini: Advice for March 2023

A month to savour and maximize. Openly express your desire to open the future and transmit your enthusiasm to others.

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