Sagittarius's horoscope for March 2021

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A calmer month that goes by better. Messages are more fluid and announced less abruptly. The cosmic state of affairs favours novelty and proposes more inspiring life patterns and a more inspiring future vision. In any case, we should benefit from astral conditions conducive to consultation: it would finally be a matter of proposing rather than imposing. A relief compared to a tense end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

Sagittarius: Love horoscope for March 2021

Love: In Search of Harmony!

You look after the well-being of your people, Sagittarius, and you improve your living conditions and theirs by listening carefully to their problems. Count on Venus to convey your messages, ease any tensions, and experience moments of tenderness shared with those around you. From the 21st, Venus reinforces your desire to love and be loved as well as your charisma and sensuality. Enough to radiate and seduce.

1st decan (November 23rd-December 2nd): Only Love!

You aspire to free yourself from obligations and duties that weigh on your daily life. You can count on the current economic situation to manage your relationships with your family and access freer management of your time without hurting anyone's feelings. You convince your loved ones that your requests are legitimate and that it is in their interest that you are happy. From the 21st, Venus sublimates your aura, you come out of the shadows to attract attention.

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Change of Mood!

You are going through a period of euphoria, your communication explodes, and your address book grows richer. New acquaintances and contacts with your entourage improve and multiply. But, from the 16th, Saturn asks you to stop dispersing. Concentrate on the essential. This return to rigour does not excite you, but you accept the injunction. You are willing to discuss sensitive subjects without getting carried away and manage your emotional relationships more wisely. Don't assault someone close to you, and if an exchange takes an explosive turn, calm the debate rather than raise your voice.

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): The field of Possibilities is Opening Up!

You start to reach an ideal and evolve in a favorable climate. The improvement of your living conditions is finally accessible. Now is the time to mobilize your living forces to accelerate change. Count on your resources to reach your ambitions regarding your home and a transformation of your material life to go from dream to reality.

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Your main goal in March is to improve your family and personal life, and you don't lack the support or energy to achieve it. But spare your loved ones who are struggling to keep up with you.

Sagittarius: The thread of the month for March 2021

The First Week,

The 3rd, you plead your case as a family to be given more space. Freedom is the right energy to get the message across. The 5th, enthusiastic communication and ideas flowing out of you create the desire to support your plans, believe you, and follow you.

The Second Week,

The 11th, you mobilize to share your vision of things with those you love and convince them that it is in their interest to support it, even if they find that you are more in fantasy than reality. The 13th, the New Moon invites you to give priority to your family. Mobilize yourself to harmonize your bonds. The 14th, connected by the heart to an important project, you make others want to share their aspirations.

The Third Week,

The 16th, an improvement in your material life, allows you to change things in your family and settle down elsewhere at ease. The 18th, harmony reigns at home: you unite around a project that delights everyone. The 21st, you successfully exchange with your loved ones to persuade them that they give you more freedom.

The Fourth Week,

The 22nd, keep your energy under control to handle slowing communication. The 24th, if you raise your voice, expect to make waves and hurt feelings (especially in your family). The 26th, you use your assets to rekindle the flame, and you have no trouble getting everyone to agree. The 28th, the Full Moon invites you to make plans and solicit your loved ones' support to implement them. The 30th, if the current is not so good, your morale is dropping, and the atmosphere is getting heavier, rely on your seduction and your feelings to warm up the atmosphere. The 31st, focus on the serious side of things and exchanges. No more butterflies. You must refocus on the essential and approach your responsibilities wisely.

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