Taurus's horoscope for July 2023

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for July 2023

Communication is in the spotlight, you make yourself understood by your loved ones. Whether it's a matter of asserting your claims to more autonomy in relation to your family or of starting a new cycle of personal expansion, you won't hesitate to express what you have in mind, even if it means creating sparks or destabilizing those around you.

Taurus: Mood for July 2023

You have had to face destabilizing changes and adapt as best you can to events. Jupiter helps you to get back on track and smile again . Less negative pressure and a breath of enthusiasm will revive you.

Taurus: Love for July 2023

Jupiter gives you the opportunity to renew an enthusiasm that may have been tarnished by a rather gloomy economic situation in recent years. Rely on this effective support to open yourself to life, to shine and to believe in it. But don't take up too much space in your family where people would like you to be more discreet.

In couple: you finally come out of a trying period where you had to surf on the swirls. Count on Jupiter to renew your joy of living, a desire to live that has been absent for a long time.

Single: Take advantage of the positive energy provided by Jupiter to get out of the shadows or out of a phase that has tested your resistance. New perspectives are opening up. This is the time to spread your wings and draw attention to yourself .

Taurus: Money for July 2023

Under the dynamic rule of Jupiter, you will have more latitude to undertake and will believe more in yourself and in your ability to succeed and earn more, much more.

Taurus: Work for July 2023

To launch a new venture, make a fresh start or simply breathe new life into a stagnant activity, don't hesitate . Jupiter is leading the way, pushing you in the back and abolishing most of your fears. Rely on an exalted creativity to make a mark.

Taurus: Leisure for July 2023

If you burn a lot of calories to assert yourself to the world, to open a new page of your personal history, you have enough fuel left to go on an adventure, launch an activity that strengthens your faith in you .

Taurus: Key dates for July 2023

-On the 1ster : the current is going well between you and your loved ones. Your contagious enthusiasm works wonders and assures you of rallying the suffrages around your projects and a new stage of your journey that you initiate in full possession of your means.
-On the 2nd: if you want to free yourself from family guardianships that weigh you down, pass your messages as gently as possible and preserve harmony within the family where people find that you play it too personal.
-The 17th: explain to your people what drives you so that they will want to follow you rather than criticize you. Your current priorities do not meet with unanimous approval.
-The 20th: you inspire others and you make them want to share, even support, your projects. But don't impose anything , otherwise they will slow you down.
-The 23rd: possible spats in the family, you are reproached for abandoning the interests of the family in favor of your own . You aspire to break with some of the conditioning of the past. But you will have to do it properly.

Taurus: Advice for July 2023

Just one: take advantage of these new and promising energies to accomplish what you have in mind and in your heart. Avoid taking up all the space in your family where you tend to want to reign supreme.

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