Scorpio's horoscope for July 2023

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for July 2023

You have ambitions to defend and to achieve, links and associations to make or to keep in good standing. You want to broaden your horizons, but don't surprise those around you, who may find it difficult to keep up. Unless, on the contrary, your behavior makes others want to flee from you or at least to distance themselves from you.

Scorpio: Mood for July 2023

You'll have a lot to look forward to in July when, whether in love or in business, the lights are on. You have no trouble connecting with people who appreciate you.

Scorpio: Love for July 2023

Jupiter reinforces your desire to bond, to connect, to get closer to the other. If you need to distance yourself from your partner, or if the other person aspires to be less fused with you, count on the giant planet to favor commitments.

As a couple: after a period when your links had been distended, or the functioning of the relationship had been questioned, you aspire to get closer to your partner.

Single: after having experienced a few shocks that allowed you to redefine the way you wish to link up , count on Jupiter to revive your desire to unite , to perpetuate a recent encounter.

Scorpio: Money for July 2023

If you need funds to achieve your ambitions, you can find them in an association that supports you. But don't ask for too much.

Scorpio: Work for July 2023

Ambitions are on the rise and the opportunity to sign a lucrative contract, seal a promising partnership and gain visibility . Don't jam up such a beautiful frequency by monopolizing the speaking time.

Scorpio: Leisure for July 2023

There is no risk in July of going it alone. You function wonderfully as a team and you have a good time with the one you love . Whatever your current situation, you'll be going on vacation well surrounded.

Scorpio: Key dates for July 2023

-The 1er : it's time to go on vacation far away with the certainty of having a good time in pleasant company. A ideal time to make the perfect love, go on a honeymoon or simply look together in the same direction.
-The 2nd: Do not try to seduce systematically. Of course, Venus endows you with an undeniable charm, but reserve your attentions for the one you love , for those you love or to whom you wish to seduce so as not to confuse the frequency.
-The 17th: don't say or do too much, you will annoy your hierarchy and your partners if you are always bringing it up. Play collectively and use your glibness to plead the common cause rather than your own.
-The 20th: raising your voice is not necessarily the right solution to try to overcome the other person's resistance to projects they find too ambitious. In order for your exchanges not to get too cold, start by reducing your expenses.
-The 23rd: You feel that others are blocking your expression of personal freedom. Unless it is your attitude that is causing tension between you and those who feel you are only doing what you want . In all cases, choose dialogue.

Scorpio: Advice for July 2023

A summer month that ticks all the right boxes and fulfills your desires. Whether in love or business, count on others to respond, but don't overdo it.

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