Leo's horoscope for July 2023

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for July 2023

It's time to pause for a moment . At least until the 23rd when business picks up. A new cycle of expansion will open from this date and you won't regret the time you've spent preparing for what's to come. Opportunities to step up continue to present themselves, but for some require reflection. In July, don't rush into anything and don't rush anyone . Bide your time.

Leo: Mood for July 2023

You'll have a lot to look forward to in July when the lights turn to verses on the professional front. A little wind of euphoria will make you happy . But don't be overconfident around the 17th when your interventions are more harmful than useful.

Leo: Love for July 2023

Jupiter is favoring a significant improvement in this area. Not sure that you have a lot of time to devote to the other person who will have to wait until next month for you to find the desire to seduce and love.

In couple: a summer month dedicated to your business more than to your love. A promotion in sight, you mobilize yourself to bring this project to a successful conclusion discreetly but efficiently. Your partner should be patient .

Single: July may not be the time for you to make any romantic sparks fly. Busy refining your professional plans, you forget that it's summer. You'll have to wait until next month to renew your desire to meet new people.

Leo: Money for July 2023

If an improvement in your rewards is in the cards this month, don't exaggerate your merits and calm your tendency to think you've arrived when you're just on your way .

Leo: Work for July 2023

Jupiter offers you some opportunities to take a step forward. Whether you land a new and more rewarding job or a promotion, you will spend a lot of time in July consolidating your foundations. Around the 17th, don't boast so as not to annoy your superior.

Leo: Leisure for July 2023

Jupiter is giving you the urge to socialize, to shine, to sparkle. Start with to make sure you have your back before opening the champagne and celebrating.

Leo: Key dates for July 2023

-On the 1ster : you think a lot, you refine with delight your strategies and you count on discreet and effective supports to consolidate your recent achievements and a situation which improves.
-The 2: do not abuse your charm to change things beyond what your hierarchy or the society grants you . You might annoy some people.
-The 17th: do not boast. Of course, you do not lack powerful arguments to defend your interests and positions, but opt for a more discreet approach to avoid that people think you are too ambitious, too sure of yourself.
-The 20th: if you ask for too much, raise your voice to get what you think you deserve, but don't force the issue. Your bankers and debtors do not appreciate and refuse you what you ask for.
-The 23rd: avoid going off the beaten track, at the risk of being found too presumptuous. It is by taking a step back, by calming the game that you will have the best chance of convincing , put it on the back burner.

Leo: Advice for July 2023

If Jupiter announces a period of possible expansion, be aware, do not start with a bang, the best strategy is to wait and be careful .

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