Sagittarius's horoscope for July 2022

Written by Daisy

Sagittarius: Astral Climate for July 2022

This month, you intend to change your life. Whether in your daily life, work, or private life, you have a lot of energy to change things. Count on Venus to open the dialogue between you and the other(s). From the 18th onwards, this planet transforms what needs to be converted (according to you) in love to blossom as you wish, without playing it too personally.

Sagittarius: Mood for July 2022

You have a great deal of energy and determination to meet daily life demands and make the most of your assets. The only pitfall to avoid? The one catch to avoid believes you have the right to go beyond certain limits and manipulate those around you. Rather dynamic and driven by a genuine desire to transform your daily life emotionally or professionally, you are thirsty for novelty. This state of mind is well received by those around you. Ask for and respect the opinion of others. If not, tension sets in and puts your nerves (and those of others) to the test. Opt for dialogue and consultation rather than refusing to bend or move an inch. Venus will help you do this.

Sagittarius: Love for July 2022

Your determination helps you convince those around you that changes are necessary for your daily life to evolve but do not impose your vision of things on others. Instead, bring your loved ones into your world and take off together. Venus invites you to take a step towards the other, rely on your ingenuity, your audacity to spice up your daily life, and pleasantly surprise the other. But don't take your desires for orders! You risk attracting some hostility (from your partner or children). Rely on dialogue, listening to others. Be willing to take them into account to make the month run smoothly.

Sagittarius: Money for July 2022

You will not hesitate to force the hand of those you want to win over to your cause. Don't abuse your power or charm to get your way. If you have the soul and qualities of a fine strategist, take advantage of this to ask for a raise. At the end of the month, don't ask for anything because you pressure everyone. You are looking for more, and don't hesitate to raise your voice to get what you think you deserve. Change your methods so that your requests are eventually answered in the positive.

Sagittarius: Work for July 2022

You roll up your sleeves to perform the tasks and responsibilities that fall to you. But don't assume that your obvious talents give you every right. Instead, you'll have to rely on solid arguments to push your limits and achieve your ambitions. You do not lack the audacity or desire to change the established order and make everyday life swing. Don't think you are allowed to force anyone's hand (colleagues, partners, etc.). You spend a lot of time promoting your initiatives and creations. Still, you lack tact or modesty when confronting them with the opinion of those who pay you. Take a step towards the other rather than stubbornly sticking to your positions.

Sagittarius: Leisure for July 2022

Jupiter continues to exalt your power of seduction, your radiance, and all your talents. When it comes to entertainment, you are spoilt for choice. You aspire to break with a routine dare to take a few (calculated) risks during the first fortnight that favors audacity and happy transformations. What's next? Abstain. Relax and accept participating, collaborate to unwind the month well surrounded rather than shunned.

Sagittarius: Key dates for July 2022

-The 2nd, too demanding? Whether in love or to satisfy your desires, you're asking for too much, and you're getting rebuked.
-On the 10th, changes are taking place to free you from certain constraints.
-On the 17th, you will reach an ideal of realization in your family or on a personal level (a move, a property investment, a birth, etc.).
-On the 26th, your ambitions are thwarted? Rather than going up in the towers, let go of ballast.
-On the 31st, love is smiling on you, and your horizons are broadening. What more and better could you ask for?

Sagittarius: Advice for July 2022

July invites you to take action daily to achieve your goals and realize your ambitions? Paz without keeping an ego on a leash that pushes you, if not to the fault at least to excess. To make the most of a month that invites you to transform what needs change, be daring in the first half and curb your ardor in the second half. Show your goodwill by stopping trying to control everything or asking too much of everyone.

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