Pisces's horoscope for July 2022

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for July 2022

The Sun invites you to shine until the 22nd. Count on Venus to take over and exalt your love life. You will showcase your talents and seduce others. July pushes you forward, even if some of you have to deal with delays (in the realization of specific projects) that upset you.

Pisces: Mood for July 2022

Rather audacious and demanding, count on an undeniable charm and on a beautiful capacity to attract honors, money, and admiration of all to finish the month more cheerful and popular than arrogant. Rather fanciful, your lights are plebiscite, and your outings applauded. You feel carried by your successes (in love, in society). To keep your popularity at its peak, avoid showing yourself angry, upset, and ultimately frustrated at the end of the month. You have the impression that events are conspiring against you and your interests. Don't take these restraints too seriously to not drive everyone away. They will soon give way!

Pisces: Love for July 2022

If you feel that you have differences of opinion with the other person, don't worry. Venus reinforces your magnetism to radiate and seduce. You can also count on goodwill to please to end the month with popularity at the top. You will surprise and attract whoever you want because you do nothing like everyone else. If certain obstacles slow down the realization of a project, you cultivate serenity, especially with your family. If your romantic aura assures you of great success in love, don't reduce your chances by obsessively pursuing your goals.

Pisces: Money for July 2022

Jupiter assures you of increased income but does not squander your money. The temptation is great to indulge yourself. You value your potential and get rewarded for it. Use your charm to show off your merits and make people understand what they owe you with humor. Patience. Resistance will soon give way.

Pisces: Work for July 2022

You can count on your offensive verve to convince, but be careful not to ask for too much so as not to alienate those with power and money. You will plead your cause by putting yourself at the service of the community. You can count on your ideas and proposals which are out of the ordinary to make a positive impression on people during the first half of the month, which will serve your interests. People will not fail to notice and appreciate you. You are defending a project, but you are coming up against a block that exasperates you. Take your pain in patience and give up playing the victim. Rely on your inspiration, your talents, and an ideal to reach to raise your head.

Pisces: Leisure for July 2022

Venus invites you to exploit and develop your talents. Take advantage of this to cultivate a hobby or discover a vocation. Whatever you try, you will favor activities that bring out the best in you. Anything out of the ordinary will amuse you, and you can't stand monotony in any way. This is the time to challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible until recently. Cultivate your inner world to escape from tensions and relieve the pressure. You take refuge in your dreams while accepting that they may not come true right away.

Pisces: Key dates for July 2022

-On the 2nd, don't force anyone's hand. Some projects are temporarily blocked by a lack of means.
-On the 10th, rely on your mischievousness and fantasy to surprise and seduce anyone you want.
-The 17th, a romantic atmosphere favorable to your love affairs? Take advantage of it to declare yourself, try your luck, or get on board with your partner.
-On the 26th, beware of verbal slips. You are on edge.
-On the 31st, money comes in and allows you to improve your daily life or invest.

Pisces: Advice for July 2022

July favors ego expansion and invites you to shine, but don't throw money out the window and continue to act in the interest of all. You are entertaining your audience but avoid any useless or counterproductive provocation, especially at the end of the month. Your humor is tinged with aggressiveness. To dissipate a possible cloud cover, feed your dreams while waiting patiently for reality to allow you to realize them.

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