Cancer's horoscope for July 2022

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for July 2022

The Sun in your sign invites you (until the 22nd) to launch a new expansion cycle without delay. Take advantage of this time to assert your authority at work. Make plans, and reflect on what you would like to keep or eliminate from the past on the sentimental level. Approach what is to come (from July 18th onwards) with the capacity to orientate your emotional life more consciously.

Cancer: Mood for July 2022

The sky is the limit when it comes to your mood, but don't take it for granted. Control your enthusiasm and your desire to control everything. Nothing will stop you when it comes to opening up the future to your liking. Sassy, greedy, offensive, you have good cards to play the game as you see fit. You are rather upset with all those against you. You make those around you aware of your approach and vision of the world.

Cancer: Love for July 2022

You seem to be mobilized by your professional activity, which offers you opportunities to spread your wings. But count on Venus (between the 18th and the 26th) to awaken your desire to seduce. However, do not abuse it to try to charm in high places. Prefer to show off your talents. Projects are in the air! You will mobilize to carry them out as quickly as possible, which will rally everyone around your audacious plans. Just don't be too greedy on the financial front. Vehement, authoritarian, you'd do well to smooth out the rough edges. Get those you love on board with your dreams and unite people to avoid ending the month on deaf ears.

Cancer: Money for July 2022

From the 22nd onwards, you do not hesitate to take the initiative to get recognition for your talents. If you avoid being too demanding, you will get your way at the end of the month (31st) but do not think everything is due to you. Your demands will offend people's sensitivities and earn you some refusals and inconveniences. If you force anyone's hand, you risk making enemies. By moving forward smoothly, you will convince people.

Cancer: Work for July 2022

Jupiter favors your flights of fancy! But don't take advantage of your current popularity to impose your ideas and methods, subtly advance your pawns, and skillfully defend your interests. You are pursuing objectives that will change your destiny and give it a new direction. If you lack neither ingenuity nor audacity in the conception and promotion of your plans, you put pressure on those who finance your projects. You may prefer to intervene with more nuance to change things to your advantage. On the other hand, if you persist in sticking to your guns, you are likely to make no progress at all.

Cancer: Leisure for July 2022

While you're busy shining in society, do you have enough time to think about entertaining yourself? If so, why not sign up for an acting class? Anything that gets you off the beaten path is appealing to you. Don't hesitate to try activities that open up your horizons, whether it's trekking in Nepal or skydiving. Avoid anything that puts your nerves to the test as your fighting spirit pushes you to put yourself in danger. What do you recommend? Jogging and any form of solo activity and crossing.

Cancer: Key dates for July 2022

-On the 2nd, avoid being too polemical, or if you go up in the towers, you risk pissing everyone off.
-On the 10th, daring projects that you will manage to defend with talent and success.
-On the 17th, an ideal and a quest seem to be successful? Your radiance pleads in your favor.
-On the 26th, be careful not to think you can do whatever you want, as your demands seem excessive to those you ask.
-On the 31st, this is an excellent time to showcase your talents and the advantages of granting your wishes.

Cancer: Advice for July 2022

You have several assets to help you get noticed, score points, and make an impression. Just don't overdo it to keep attracting more attention than criticism. Do you have confidence in yourself and in your ability to carry out your life-changing projects? You should moderate your appetites to obtain financing at the end of the month without getting into trouble. It is in your best interest to calm down the game and your inner fire. If you find that you are not being listened to enough, start by asking yourself if you listen enough to others.

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