Why Read Your Horoscope?

Written by Alison

Astrology can help people to choose the best possible lifestyle. It enables you to identify trials and tribulations you have experienced in your life and interpret them to better effect, to enable you to evolve “spiritually”. Astrology plays a part in the happiness of the individual, giving you very valuable and unstinting advice. It will help you move forward and improve your contacts with other people.

First steps in Astrology: drawing up your birth chart

If you want to get the most out of your horoscope, there are several stages you need to follow. First of all, you will need to draw up your birth chart. This is a map of the heavens at the moment you were born (and be careful here, as the time of birth is important). On the internet, you can find several free apps which will enable you to draw up your birth chart.

Then, you will need to ask a professional to do you a personalised horoscope, which will be much more precise than the ones you can read in the newspapers. This one will be drawn up while taking your personal information into account: date of birth, time of birth, planetary positions, etc. This horoscope will be specific to you. You should then consult a professional astrologer to discuss any problems giving you concern. He/she will be able to enlighten you, using your birth chart. With the hour, date and place of birth, an astrologer can analyse it all.

Astrology: movements of the skies and events on Earth

Astrology studies the relationships between the movements of the skies and events on Earth. The influence of the movement of the planets can be evidenced, if only by observing the physical influence of the Moon or the Sun on the Earth. If the movement of the stars influences our planet, it can equally influence living beings. Astrology is then focused around the zodiac and its twelve signs, two light-giving bodies (the Moon and the Sun) and the planets. It is important to realise that there is a relationship between astrological and mythological symbolism. It is therefore part of our heritage and our subconscious ... Its existence cannot be denied.

The main interest of Astrology is that it always remains neutral and does not pass judgement. Its role is to observe the ongoing relationship between things that are visible in nature. It is a form of knowledge based on observation.

This observation starts with the vision of the ongoing cycle of day and night. One could not exist without the other. Astrology will then establish things that go together: at night, silence reigns and nature rests, while during the day, everything comes back to life. Then comes the symbolic approach: night is compared to a phase of inactivity, whilst day is compared to a more active phase. We therefore notice the influence of heavenly movements on the Earth as its cycles, etc. govern our everyday life.

As a result, it is easy to understand that astrology is only of interest if applied to our everyday existence. Hence the point of reading your horoscope every day or regularly requesting a personalised horoscope. In fact, the influence of the planets is ongoing, so if you want to receive up-to-date advice continually, you should not hesitate to practise astrology every day, or at least, ask for help from a professional astrologer, to set you on the right track and enable you to understand certain signs.

Astrological symbols are images which help you understand the character of an individual. The combination of the different astrological symbols come together to form a coherent whole, enabling us to define the individual's personality with his/her strengths and weaknesses. In interpreting this combination of symbols, the astrologer is able to create the individual's psychological dynamics. The interest of astrology lies mainly in understanding the diversity of human beings, making it into a way of dealing with the world and having a better grasp of reality.

Astrology: links between the physical and the psyche

Astrology demonstrates the links between the physical and the psyche, which amounts to a kind of interdependency. This is also of great interest in medicine and has led to the foundation of psychosomatics. People are aware of the influence of the mind on physical health. If the mind is alert and feels more in harmony, the physical side will feel equally fulfilled. Astrology can help us regain this harmony.

People enjoy reading their horoscope for all the reasons outlined above. Sometimes they believe in them and sometimes they read them for escape or relaxation. People who read their horoscope are happy as they feel they are noticed. They will read the predictions for their star sign, then out of curiosity read those for their friends or loved-ones, just to get an idea?

Sometimes, a horoscope will be reassuring. If we have an important decision to make, it can reinforce the idea that we have made the right choices. It can also instil doubts, but if that is the case, it means that we were not entirely sure deep-down and in any case, a review of things was due. What is most important is the individual interpretation of our horoscope. It can be adapted to our situation and our everyday life.

Yes, horoscopes can give us excuses: if such and such a planet is in my star sign during this period, it will have an influence on my life. The stars can explain the consequences of failure, for example. Naturally, we must not take each interpretation completely literally, only it does sometimes happen that the horoscope hits the nail on the head! And this often makes us laugh.

Reading your horoscope can also be a source of motivation. When you read something positive, it always gives you pleasure. You feel ready to take off and feel capable of moving mountains. So why deprive anyone of the pleasure of reading their horoscope? In addition, let's not forget that our horoscope sometimes influences our love-life... People know which signs are compatible with which other signs. Exact science or not, people like to know. Nothing can stop a person from testing the water, but he/she will at least have been warned.

Reading your horoscope is therefore an intelligent leisure pursuit, as long as the individual is capable of interpreting it correctly and adapting it to his/her personal situation. This does not mean following the astrologer's advice word for word, but it will have involved listening, helping him/her to see life more clearly for the times when assailed by doubt.

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