Gemini's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for July 2021

In July, Saturn is watching over you, securing your positions and preventing you from doing anything foolish. But Neptune and Jupiter play an opposite role and encourage excesses or fantasies. Finally, Mercury in your home, its domicile, allows your critical mind to develop, which protects you a little from mistakes. You will need all your common sense to keep your feet on the ground and carry out your projects with lucidity and efficiency. Dialogue is critical to keep your relationships on track. This month, exchanges are favoured, so take advantage of this to get things straight!

Gemini: Mood for July 2021

Venus and Mars, in good aspect, give you good energy and a great desire to please, even to seduce. Saturn makes you think more profoundly and pushes you to solidly anchor what you have before setting off on new adventures. You are in a voluble mood. You seek to communicate, meet people, and open yourself to others. This attitude is very positive for the evolution of your situation. You will quickly establish a delightful climate with most of your partners, private or professional.

Gemini: Love for July 2021

The sky is just right in July to grant you deep, lasting and passionate sentimental relationships as long as you communicate! In any case, this is your strong point. Mercury helps you open your heart considerably. But beware of the influence of Jupiter, which could push you to overdo it or Neptune, which could drown you in an unartistic blur, full of unspoken words or untruths. Count on Saturn to keep everything measured and sober and only make promises you can control. Otherwise, this is an excellent month to meet someone or to strengthen an existing relationship.

Gemini: Money for July 2021

Your assets are protected if you think carefully before making any major purchase or investment. Impulsivity could lead to errors in judgment, but a few minutes of reflection will be enough to keep you from any deviation that could be detrimental to your interests. The sky is very favourable for financial associations, even prestigious ones, and you could also make excellent deals in the fields of art or luxury. Your sharp critical mind is a great help to you in assessing the value of things lucidly.

Gemini: Work for July 2021

At work, your success is based primarily on your charisma and eloquence. This is an exciting month if you are in business or the media: a sharp tongue, a sharp pen, and you are in top professional shape. Venus is particularly well placed to offer you a promotion or a substantial raise, and Mars keeps your energy and willpower at their highest level. Saturn, who represents your hierarchy, is well disposed towards you and monitors the slightest misbehaviour, so stay vigilant and wise!

Gemini: Leisure for July 2021

You are in great shape, and you should take advantage of this to strengthen your resistance. Physical exercises will do you a world of good: go cycling, walking, swimming, running! Moreover, studies, reading, intellectual efforts feed your imagination and your talents. It's also a good time for fun activities with your family or friends, and it's a perfect time to have a fun vacation. The key is to relax without putting yourself in danger, so avoid any hazardous activities that may tempt you...

Gemini: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 1st july, tempers flare, and the tone rises. Don't get angry, or you'll hit a wall. You've been warned.

- On the 8th july, explosive emotions disturb your will to communicate, and you risk overstepping the mark. Think before you speak and act.

- On the 15th july, you put your talents at the service of a mission, an idea, or a job that goes beyond your interests. But you are not against a small raise.

- On the 20th july, you express your talents with originality and audacity that serve your cause.

- On the 25th july, moderate your appetites if you don't want to be held back in your impulses.

Gemini: Advice for July 2021

In July, communication, dialogue, and exchange are at the heart of all your success. Just be sure to keep your mind off of illusions and not commit any imprudence, and you will have a very fulfilling month in all areas.

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