Sagittarius's horoscope for July 2020

Written by Daisy

A summer month where you should relax rather than use force. While some see an ideal taking shape, others will have to make concessions and keep the debates open. You can close them by early August without causing open conflict. Cut some slack when your positions lead you to an impasse. Bet on your open-mindedness and your daring ideas to make a difference and win without hurting or targeting anyone. It's up to you to play a tight game!

Sagittarius: Love horoscope for July 2020

Love: Maybe Be More Flexible!

You thirst for harmonious relationships. Since mid-May, you have been wondering about the best way to set up your relationship to evolve. You will find the answer in early August. Do not compromise your happiness by seeking to direct operations in July! Tensions will arise if you seek to exercise your authority within the duo. Avoid harassing your partner by asking a thousand questions about the value of your relationship. It is by lowering your guard, Sagittarius, that you will experience rewarding love!

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): Continue Smoothly ...

Until July 11th, Venus closes the ranks with whoever you love. You stay attentive to the needs of the other, but you control your entourage! Mars creates tension with those who find that you are playing too much. Lower your tone in conversation to maintain harmony at home and with your partner!

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Cut Some Slack And Loosen Up With Others!

Now is the time to learn from the lessons of a journey to improve the way you approach and listen to others. It is the establishment of a lasting bond, if you do not take advantage of this pleasant influence to assert your right to control everything. From the 15th, Mars makes you want to impose your authority on your loved ones and children. Try to channel it so that it does not disturb the harmony established before. If you insist on knowing everything about the other, expect to be badly received. Direct discussions towards improving daily life together.

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): Build the Ideal Home?

You feel better about yourself, you fully express your potential, and your future prospects give you confidence in yourself and life. Bet on your desire to develop your private life. You will take the right direction. But control your budget and balance your expenses to reach your goal at the end of the month. Do not idealize your bonds and remain lucid to build on solid ground rather than in the wind!

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Do not lead your troops by the rod by asking them too many questions or by overestimating your financial means. You can spend the month sheltered from the weather and even enjoy the full Sun in your love life. It's up to you how far you can go without slipping or overestimating your power over the other!

Sagittarius: The thread of the month for July 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, you conduct negotiations to obtain what you covet, but you are subject to delays that exasperate you. Openly expose a growing need for freedom in everyday life (at work and home). The 5th, the Full Moon promotes the inflows of money and the development of your talents. But do not cross the line! Don't take advantage of your power to ask for more than what you are given! The 8th, watch out for attempts to exercise your power over others. Avoid wanting to control those around you. They don't like it, and they'll let you know! The 12th, the lingering discussions resume. It was time. Use your intuition and your sense of strategy to orient the debates to your advantage! The key is the realization of an ideal in the family.

The Second Week,

The 14th, you have financial openness or opportunities to use your talents. Do not take advantage of this to push those in power to give you more than what is agreed upon. The 15th, new talents are emerging, take advantage of favorable conditions for your expansion to develop your gifts and transform the way you earn money!

The Third Week,

The 20th, the New Moon encourages you to evolve, renew yourself, and negotiate as close to your interests as possible. But don't abuse the economic situation. The 22nd, a good sense of strategy helps you to plead your case and claim more autonomy in your daily life.

The Fourth Week

The 27th, cash inflows allow you to realize a dream. You can invest in real estate, deck out your interior, or accommodate a child. Stay tuned to others so that conflicts of interest or negotiations do not turn sour. The 30th, you manage to orient your family life in the right direction to make a difference. Everyone finds something to like. Harmony reigns at home and in everyone's hearts.

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