Aquarius's horoscope for January 2023

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for January 2023

You have charisma and want to come out of your shell, communicate, and seduce. Review the past year before your next birthday. Take stock of what can be improved, sublimated, or must be abandoned to start this new cycle of expansion with full knowledge of the facts and in full possession of your means.

Aquarius: Mood for January 2023

Nothing stops you from rejoicing in January: all the meters are in green. Always in good shape, you're full of humor and desire to have a good time with those you love. You'll use this first month of the year to boost your popularity, make new friends, and make love into something extraordinary.

Aquarius: Love for January 2023

You have a radiance that will likely bring you success around the 4th, the 9th, and the 25th: you will be the only one to be seen. Take advantage of this aura to make conquests and expand your relational universe. Pleasant (perhaps beneficial) encounters will contribute to warming up this month, which looks more like summer than winter.

In a Relationship, rely on your charisma to close ranks and warm up the atmosphere with loved ones who appreciate your presence and your ability to distill a slight wind of happiness around you (4th, 9th, 25th).

Single: do not hesitate to frequent the world around you. You could make some significant and even decisive encounters. You can use your radiance to bewitch anyone you want (the 4th, the 9th, the 25th).

Aquarius: Money for January 2023

Rely on your influence and talents to create a highway for yourself. Surrounded by prestigious allies and buoyed by your successes, you will use this to claim material recognition for your talents. People are so eager to keep you.

Aquarius: Work for January 2023

Until February 20, Jupiter favors your relationship, family, and social development. Don't miss any opportunity to attract charismatic personalities who could become valuable allies (the 4th, the 9th, the 25th). Count on Venus and Mars to deploy your talents and your irresistible charm.

Aquarius: Leisure for January 2023

This is the time to get noticed. Will you develop them to the full in January to impress the gallery?

Aquarius: Key dates for January 2023

-On the 4th, there is joy and love in the air. Your charm works on everyone.
-On the 8th, you are making changes in your family and getting more freedom of movement at home.
-On the 15th, don't abuse your power of seduction to force anyone's hand.
-On the 22nd, your emotional relationships improve, and Venus favors climate warming for once.
-On the 30th, if you aspire to break away from a way of life that binds you to your family, now is the time.

Aquarius: Advice for January 2023

January makes you see life in pink. Don't hesitate to surf on these currents, generating happiness and success.

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