Virgo's horoscope for January 2022

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for January 2022

You probably felt stuck a lot in 2021. Some of you have had planetary supports that have helped you expand, but others have suffered from blockages that have kept you stuck. In January, you're back in touch with your creativity, shining brightly in love, society, and everywhere else. You can make changes in whole areas of your life by making the necessary decisions to build a more fulfilling environment and healthier relationships. This is the dawn of a beautiful renewal.

Virgo: Mood for January 2022

Chains are falling, and responsibilities are easing. You feel free to undertake, your self-confidence and means are strengthening, and you are showing a beautiful audacity in pursuing your goals. Your desire for change may lead you to travel or explore unfamiliar environments. All these experiences will broaden your perspective. By taking your independence, you will best discover the richness that others have to offer.

Virgo: Love for January 2022

Jupiter favors your emotional relationships, your commitments. It invites you to get closer to the other. Opportunities to meet, strengthen your ties, or get married will present themselves to you. However, don't take everything for granted when it comes to love. Saturn still frustrates your desire to be free. If your power of seduction works and allows you to push back the limits, you are still bound by your responsibilities. However, you can count on a very favorable climate to make an impression on people's minds and hearts. The current between you and the other person goes well, and you evolve in a fusional atmosphere that delights you. If you want the party to last, avoid being too authoritarian with your family.

Virgo: Money for January 2022

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn encourage you to structure your budget, reduce expenses, and ensure your daily life. However, there is still Jupiter, who often pushes you to excess. Still, he has little chance to counterbalance the other planetary influences. Therefore, it is an excellent time to save money or invest in long-term projects, such as real estate.

Virgo: Work for January 2022

Count on your goodwill and your ability to cooperate to join forces to strengthen your credit with partners who appreciate your collaboration. Take advantage of this opportunity to sign a contract (if you have not already done so) to improve your popularity. You understand the energies of January, which put you in value. Count on your talents and undeniable charisma to rally people around your personality and initiatives. Take advantage of this favorable climate to develop your potential or discover new ones.

Virgo: Leisure for January 2022

Routine, even monotonous, suits you, and you take great pleasure in looking after your family and close circle of friends. This is an excellent time to organize an evening of board games and participate in a cooking or craft workshop. You are never better than in an activity that keeps your hands and minds busy. However, don't neglect your physical fitness. Don't hesitate to get out of your cocoon. Go for a walk, ride a bike, or do yoga or gymnastics. Your anxious temperament will relax if you take care of your body!

Virgo: Key dates for January 2022

- On the 2nd, the New Moon invites you to express your talents.
- On the 9th, question your relationship approach to correct and improve it.
- On the 14th, whatever your initiatives, they are likely to run into obstacles. Take your pain in patience rather than rebel.
- On the 16th, you need to clarify what is interfering with the clear expression of your feelings. Do not miss the opportunity to question yourself.
- On the 29th, you're thinking hard to understand what determines your approach to love. Don't be afraid to dig into this subject to free yourself from negative conditioning that blocks your spontaneity.

Virgo: Advice for January 2022

This month you will benefit from a celestial climate that supports your development on all levels. January allows you to renew your power of seduction and freedom of tone that you have been missing. But Saturn is watching over you, so don't try to dodge your duties and responsibilities for too long. However, don't think that you have all the rights in the family. This is not true, and you will undoubtedly be told so.

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