Capricorn's horoscope for January 2022

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for January 2022

If some people ended 2021 rather spoiled by the sky (happy financial perspectives, contacts, and pleasant communication with those around them), others had to endure a climate of frustration that weighed on their morale, as if all their desires were forbidden. Fortunately, 2022 begins more lightly and invites you to take charge of your life, to put yourself forward. This is an excellent month to start a business, expand your circle of friends, have your talents recognized, and expose your assets. Laziness, negligence, or indifference could make you miss out on some very nice deals, financial or love... You just have to act. If you don't, you are unforgivable.

Capricorn: Mood for January 2022

Since the end of last December, Jupiter has favored your exchanges. You are looking for all the means to put harmony between you and the others, and if you don't let yourself be invaded by doubt, the circumstances will help you a lot. Your life becomes smoother, more manageable. You can resolve outstanding relationship problems or reconcile with yourself. Count on Jupiter to support your morale and influence to your advantage those you meet who will not remain indifferent to your charm.

Capricorn: Love for January 2022

Whether for lack of money, confidence, or opportunities, you had the impression at the end of 2021 that you couldn't fulfill your desires. Fortunately, you are back to a more favorable climate for your personal fulfillment in January. Count on Venus to reinforce your power of seduction and favor your emotional satisfaction, even if you have to question yourself about what counts in love. You are in the process of realizing essential things in your relationships; you follow your instincts without necessarily understanding the workings of what is going on. The result is nevertheless very beneficial. Your emotional life opens up to more spiritual considerations.

Capricorn: Money for January 2022

Venus is in your sign all month and brings you luck in many areas, and Jupiter only reinforces this trend. In January, you have many opportunities to save, invest or spend wisely. The real estate sector is particularly favorable to you, whether it's buying a home, investing in an apartment that you'll rent, or embarking on home renovations. Your good fortune makes you benevolent and generous. Your loved ones greatly appreciate how you handle finances and the largesse you bestow.

Capricorn: Work for January 2022

Count on Jupiter to communicate in the best possible conditions. Your ability to unite and your friendly aura attract exceptional people and contribute to your society and work success. You must use this rewarding influence without delay to rally the votes to your advantage. You are fine-tuning your plans and strategies, and you have more freedom of expression in January. Don't take advantage of this to force your way through or ask too much of those who hold power and money. Beware of uncontrolled slips that could spoil the atmosphere and lead to regrettable misunderstandings in your exchanges. You are inspired, and everyone likes you. You are even ready to change your job or even your life after a long period of reflection.

Capricorn: Leisure for January 2022

You are usually sober and reserved. But in January, you want to get out of your den, meet friendly people, travel, make discoveries and experiences. Don't deprive yourself of this! Heaven grants you an irresistible charm, a charming mood, and the means to engage in any activity. Your preferences will undoubtedly be for long hikes, climbing, or caving. Still, you will also enjoy good meals with friends or family. The important thing is to shake off your usual pessimism, open yourself up to the world, meet new people, and have fun!

Capricorn: Key dates for January 2022

- On the 2nd, the New Moon influences your sign and puts it in the forefront. It's up to you to take advantage of this light to launch a new expansion cycle under the best conditions.
- On the 9th, if your heart is open to love and doesn't leave anyone indifferent, ask yourself what you want to focus on romantically.
- On the 14th, you will have to be patient as some negotiations are dragging on and will not resume until February.
- On the 16th, you are gradually moving towards a new version of yourself, even if it means changing your life.
- On the 29th, you will experience a personal transformation that will influence your future and put your life on a track more in line with who you have become over time.

Capricorn: Advice for January 2022

In January, you'll use your strengths to expand your usual circle and make others want to hang out with you. Whether it's working with you or creating a more intimate relationship, you'll be able to use your magnetism to seduce. You're starting the year in style and on the right track. You must preserve and even optimize these excellent potentials by renouncing any aggressive initiative that could only turn against you.

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