Aries's horoscope for January 2022

Written by Daisy

Aries: Astral Climate for January 2022

With the Sun in square to your sign and Mercury and Venus retrograde, also passing through Capricorn, the beginning of the year is a bit tense. Your social life is under the spotlight. You are working hard to promote your ambitions, trying to adjust your aim, and fine-tune your strategies in the shadows. From May 10 onwards, you can start off on the right foot towards a new expansion cycle.

Aries: Mood for January 2022

No significant events punctuate January, and you look to the future more than the past. But this future requires a lot of perspective and ambition. You are under pressure, you are a bit tired and very nervous. This state of mind could lead you to outbursts that could alienate sympathies or support if you do not manage to put things into perspective. Don't let yourself be exasperated by brakes, blockages, and delays. Everyone experiences it when Mercury is in retrograde. There's nothing personal about this moment's planetary movements; be patient and stay zen. It's in your best interest.

Aries: Love for January 2022

The recent past has exposed you to trying turbulence, but you can count on Venus to shine in society. It's a start. Venus invites you to rethink your actions and think about what you are doing with your seductive power to achieve your ends. The delightful planet seems to serve an ideal buried within you, and you will have several opportunities to experience it.

Aries: Money for January 2022

The beginning of the year is relatively neutral in terms of finances, as you are very busy establishing your social position and stabilizing your assets. However, some frustrations are on the horizon (delays, blockages). You may be tempted to compensate for them with impulsive and futile purchases. Don't let yourself get overly stressed, and buy anything to make yourself feel better. If you overdo it, you may encounter unpleasant surprises and lose the benefit of the past few months.

Aries: Work for January 2022

You are sharpening your plans and consolidating your foundations. You are nurturing a project that you want to realize in the spring, communicating about it. You are also looking for ways to impose yourself, to overturn the obstacles that stand in your way. The Sun, for its part, favors a more accessible expression of your talents and aspirations. Venus exalts your power of seduction, and you will use your charm to convince those who observe you. Don't be impatient if your exchanges are slow; they will resume freely from February onwards.

Aries: Leisure for January 2022

At the beginning of this year, it will be particularly beneficial for you to take physical exercise and thus greet the slow but inevitable return of light in your life. After New Year's Eve, a new year begins, and there is nothing like good resolutions. Give yourself some rest, relaxation, distractions, don't stay glued to your screens or engrossed in your couch. Get out, see your friends, invite your family for a good meal. The opportunities to have fun are numerous and depend only on your goodwill.

Aries: Key dates for January 2022

- On the 1st, you can exploit your potential and express your talents. Rely on your originality to make a difference!
- On the 5th, do you aspire to carry out a dream and make it come true? Rely on your charm to make everyone want to believe in it.
- On the 11th, inspired, you are connected to an ideal that you wish to actualize. But don't put pressure on those who follow you, don't impose your ambitions.
- On the 17th, the Full Moon invites you to pay attention to your loved ones and give them a little of your precious time.
- On the 29th, review your angle of attack on a life project that deserves attention. Don't be afraid to discuss it. Debate it to be sure of yourself and what you are undertaking!

Aries: Advice for January 2022

To get the year off to a good start, be content with taking care of your supports, ensuring your back, and discreetly laying the groundwork for what's on the horizon. Take time to think, reflect and recharge. Make sure you tap into your potential by continuing your quest to serve the community and yourself.

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