Capricorn's horoscope for January 2020

Written by Daisy

The first month of the year promises. Indeed, do not expect to start the year quietly. On the program: powerful energies that will put everyone under pressure (around the 12th) and accelerate an inevitable change on the personal, collective, and societal level. You do not risk being bored. Jump on the train of change to make a positive contribution via a more empathic outlook regarding the other, our suffering Earth, and the cosmos that certainly watches us with a dubious eye.

Capricorn: Love horoscope for January 2020

Love: Only Good Vibes... or Almost!

At the beginning of the month, you spend your money without counting, unless your greed manifests itself in a more sensual way ... From the 13th, Venus invites you to communicate with your entourage to pass your messages smoothly and end January rather satisfied, Capricorn, if you renounce certain excesses. But some concerns pull you back or demoralize you.

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd): Do A Lot But Not Too Much!

Since December, Jupiter has been supporting you. Count on him to galvanize your exchanges with your entourage and increase your popularity. Already in love or not yet, take the opportunity to give color and meaning to a relationship or spice up your antics with your partner. However, on the 18th and 23rd, some excesses could short-circuit such a beautiful frequency. Do not try to control everyone. In a Relationship, you approach the month sure of yourself. Bet on this conquering energy to embark with your partner, astonish, and captivate while keeping yourself from imposing your desires. Single, you start the month with beautiful vibrations, it's time to try your luck in love. Open your eyes and your heart: you are not immune to a detonating encounter or love at first sight that will amaze you. If you are looking to impress, you might scare rather than delight. Dose your effects to attract and retain.

2nd decan (January 3rd - January 11th): Watch Your Attitude at the End of the Month!

The flow goes well: you like your partner or you seduce whoever you want. Starting on the 15th, Jupiter boosts your enthusiasm and your desire to launch a new cycle more in line with what you understood from life. You can conquer the world, dazzle, and gain unanimity with your entourage. At the end of the month, do not manipulate anyone, it is a bad method that would be worth criticism, reproaches, and misunderstandings. In a Relationship, you have many strengths, in January, to win the vote. We appreciate your ideas and your dynamism is a pleasure to see. However, at the end of the month, your aggression returns and impatience guides you on the wrong path. Single, ideal time to shine. You find the right words to soften the hearts of your loved ones and your crush. From the 15th, Jupiter gives you an exceptional tone and an outstanding charm. At the end of the month, preserve your happiness by avoiding an offensive attitude or an attempt at escape that would not please anyone.

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): Indispensable Passage!

A busy month but an ideal time to turn a page after a time of reflection. You are jostled and perhaps restrained when the cosmos forces you to slow down and ask the right questions. Know who you are, what you want, and direct your life in line with the evolution accomplished. Not simple but essential to open another page, more rewarding. In a Relationship, if the other supports your moods, you will have won. You access what weighs on you and illuminates the shadows. This passage clarifies your exchanges while waiting for Jupiter (in March) to intervene. Single, you have to face your shadows and break through its mysteries to better understand yourself and reinforce a more homogenous personality. Turn to the past to grow and take a step towards a constructive life. Jupiter (from next March) will significantly warm the mood.

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January promises to be animated, with opportunities to embark on new adventures. Take back the reins of your life and steer it in the right direction.

Capricorn: The thread of the month for January 2020

The First Week,

The 2nd, enjoy the last rays of Jupiter to open a new and exciting cycle of expansion. You have the means and the desire. The 7th, your messages are smoother and your inspiration is effective. The 8th, bet on a romantic aura to mark minds and hearts in passing. The 10th, the full Moon invites you to cooperate. Faced with the upheavals that you are going through now, do not dwell on yourself, do not stay alone. The 12th, the cosmos asks you existential questions that you may reject when trying to answer them. Look ahead and determine what you want, what you are missing, and what needs to be done to open up new, brighter, and more promising perspectives.

The Second Week,

The 13th, you must know what prevents you from blooming. Invest in this quest that will allow you to be more sure of yourself. That's enough to keep you busy until Jupiter arrives in March, and opens new perspectives. The 15th, a crush or love at first sight, bet on your irresistible charm to have a good time, surprise, and seduce. The 18th, do not jostle the other who wants to follow you but not give in to all your whims.

The Third Week,

The 23rd, you are surprising and complex but do not become worrying for a partner who does not like your excess of zeal or your demands. The 24th, the new Moon invites you to exploit your talents and claim the right reward. But stay moderate in your expectations. The 25th, you take advantage of a latent offensive energy to plead your case and ask that we reward your efforts. Be polite!

The Fourth Week,

The 27th, your charm is indisputable but do not put pressure. You should lower your tone. The 28th, you generate regrettable misunderstandings with your entourage if you manipulate them to obtain more than what you are granted.

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