Leo's horoscope for February 2023

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for February 2023

Rely on dialogue to make yourself understood, but do not raise your voice. Your ambitions are favoured if you remain attentive to those around you who encourage your evolution. Work to serve others as much as you work on your personal projects.

Leo: Mood for February 2023

Boosted by a dynamic astral conjuncture, you do not hesitate to undertake: your exchanges with the people around you meet your expectations. Take advantage of this favourable climate for your expansion to fill up with optimism and rally the votes around your positive vision of the world.

Leo: Love for February 2023

Magnetic and eager for pleasure at the beginning of the month, you want to experience stories that elevate you. You are not content with little. You want to evolve your current relationships or contract one that inspires you.

In a Relationship,: if Venus reinforces your sensual appetites, count on the delicious planet to exalt your desire to give meaning to the relationship. You will no longer be able to purr but will do everything you can to elevate the debate.

Single: Venus exalts your senses and reinforces the need to live a vibrant story. There is no question of settling for an ordinary relationship. Still, you should start looking for someone who will raise your standards.

Leo: Money for February 2023

If you need to, you have the necessary arguments to convince your interlocutors to follow you. If you have to negotiate, start the discussion.

Leo: Work for February 2023

Count on Jupiter to affirm or concretize your ambitions. You aspire to push back your limits and the boundaries of what is possible. This is the time to aim high. To convince your partners and associates, engage in discussions.

Leo: Leisure for February 2023

You are attracted by the great outdoors. If a trek in Nepal or a trip to the steppes of Mongolia is off the agenda, you can always rent a chalet in the Alps.

Leo: Key dates for February 2023

- The 5th: you carry out a project that is important to you but is within your budget.
- The 8th: your romantic, social, and professional aspirations benefit from your magnetic radiance, which allows you to influence events and people to your advantage.
- The 15th: exalted creativity guides your initiatives. A sensuality on the surface makes you irresistible. Take advantage of the inspiring waves to seduce, love and direct your destiny differently according to your evolution.
- The 18th: the current between you and the others goes well. This is the ideal day to plead your case, widen your horizons, make a mark on people's minds or bring on board the one you love in your destiny.
- The 22nd: you defend your projects with ardour and authority that convinces your interlocutors to believe and follow you. But do not exceed your prerogatives, and do not raise your voice.

Leo: Advice for February 2023

Take advantage of Jupiter's presence to speed up the movement and take off. Think big, whether it's your professional ambitions or a trip to a faraway place.

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